“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” Review: Exploring the World of QAnon and Seducing Rudy Giuiliani

By Omkar Ratnaparkhi

Sacha Baron Cohen, also known as Borat Margaret Sagdiev, came back to America this year to film a documentary in which Borat would bribe President Donald Trump with Kazakhstan’s national treasure: Johnny The Monkey. Unfortunately, the great film producer and primate was eaten alive by Borat’s daughter Tutar, played by Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova, during transport from Kazakhstan to America. 

Avoiding Execution: Changing the Bribe

Borat realized that he would be executed upon return to Kazakhstan for failing his delivery of the bribe and decided he would instead use his daughter Tutar as a bribe for a different prominent Republican. The bribe’s target would be Vice President Mike Pence because Borat believes that Pence is such a ladies man since he can’t go into a room alone with a woman that isn’t his wife, Karen.

Like the previous Borat movie, most of the film was in public with the reactions of real people, and Borat had to wear various costumes to stop people from recognizing him as Borat. Unfortunately, wearing KKK robes and a Trump costume at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) while shouting “Michael Penis” was enough to get past security and into the speech hall, but not enough to deliver Tutar to Vice President Pence.

After various antics to make Tutar more attractive, Tutar realized that American women are more empowered than their Khazak counterparts and decided to leave Borat. A depressed Borat went into quarantine with two “American scientists” who told him about QAnon and how the Democrats drink the blood of children and created COVID-19. Suddenly Borat and the scientists realized that his daughter, Tutar, had become an important QAnon figure and was attending an anti-mask pro-freedom rally. After somehow getting on stage, Borat sang a song about how Jews, Democrats, and scientists should be killed for taking the liberties of Americans in the name of stopping a pandemic. The crowd cheered, and some even gave Nazi salutes. Most importantly, Borat and his two friends successfully convinces Tutar to come back and help bribe Rudy Giuliani.

Even before “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” was released, compromising screenshots had come out of the meeting between Giuliani and Tutar. The screenshots showed “America’s Mayor” with his hands in his pants lying down on a bed with Tutar standing over him. The meeting was only halted after Borat ran into the room in underwear, shouting, “She’s 15, she’s too old for you!”. Before the movie came out, Giuliani went on Twitter and claimed that he was lying down and tucking in his shirt.

What did I think of “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”?

Before watching any sequel movie, I knew that it probably would not be as entertaining as the original, and this was true about the second Borat film. However, the movie still made me laugh out loud many times. If you’re someone who likes comedy and isn’t disgusted by more crass or vulgar comedy, then this is the correct movie for you. Also, if you’re not a fan of the current Presidential Administration, then you’ll love “Borat Subsequent Movie Film.” The movie is available on Amazon Prime and is free for those who are Prime members. As of October 24th, about 2,400 ratings are in Amazon Prime, and the movie is rated a 3.7/5. However, 62% of ratings are five stars, and 26% are one star. This is because of the political nature of the film. Many conservatives are triggered that the film did not reaffirm their worldview and have given 1 star ratings.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Sacha Baron Cohen said that the difference between America when the first Borat movie came out fourteen years ago and today is that many people were shocked by the first movie’s overt racism. Today, people, unfortunately, view many politicians in power as being overtly racist and sexist themselves. Cohen also added that even though America is very divided along political lines today, many everyday Americans are actually still good people. For example, even though the two men with whom Borat quarantined believed in outlandish conspiracy theories, they are actually good people who met a stranger with a weird accent and took care of him during a pandemic. Their belief in bizarre theories can be better attributed to being brainwashed by politicians, institutions, and social media.

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