To My Comrades of the Paper

By Anonymous

To say that we are living through an unprecedented time would be an understatement. Our headlines are almost exclusively about mass civil unrest, high unemployment numbers, a “borderline” fascist president and a global pandemic. So what is one more radically revolutionary idea? Of course, like many revolutionary thinkers I will be publishing my work anonymously. I know that I will call out some powerful people and do not want to put myself or those I love at risk. So here we go: I propose that the paper’s Earwax and News sections officially secede and form their own publication. Now I know you might be thinking that we have far bigger issues than this, but I dare to disagree. These sections have been treated lesser—nay—they have been treated like second class citizens for far too long. As a writer for the paper, I know these sections’ worth, and they are not treated as I see fit. It is time that they rise up and form their own coalition, one where they can garner the respect and acclaim that they clearly deserve!

One thing that truly frightens me about the paper’s current selections of sections is that it often feels that some are regarded as simply more important that others. Just because sections like Opinions and Arts have “higher readership” and are “more interesting to write about,” they are treated as if they are much more crucial to the paper. Just because you bring in most of the readers and writers does not mean that you deserve all of the attention! Absurd! Suresh and Christian, shame on you! No truly, I wonder how either of you even begin to fall asleep at night. It is sickening!

My proposition is that these two sections band together and form News+Wax, Fordham University’s new favorite publication. Students will no longer be bogged down by other types of articles. No, with this new news source, students will know exactly the kind of content that they will be consuming. It will be a niche publication where underappreciated works can be seen by the masses. 

You may argue that Fordham does not need one more publication and that these sections do not warrant their own paper. While I do understand your concern, I believe that is the exact reason why this plan should go forward. If Fordham does not mind funding something like The Pamphlet, I cannot see why this would be an issue. It is simply a new place for people to speak up, for people who have not had a voice at other publications.

So I ask that all of us rise up and support these two sections in their journey of leaving the paper!

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