Maggie and Areej Spill the Tea

By Areej Ahmed and Margaret Peknic

Areej: Maggie, you were the one who converted me from drinking coffee to tea, so why don’t you go first?

Maggie: Well, Areej, there’s no doubt that tea is better than coffee. For starters, there’s no upset stomach when you drink tea! The amount of times my sister complains of how much her stomach hurts after having her “Venti iced nonfat caramel latte with extra whipped cream and two pumps of caramel” is unreal. Tea will never give you this problem.

Areej: So true. Ever since I switched over from coffee to tea, I haven’t had to deal with those uncomfortable consequences. 

Maggie: Exactly! Coffee is like a toxic friend. You love hanging out with them in the moment, but they always end up backstabbing you. In the wise words of Sarah Cameron from “Outer Banks,” “You don’t love me. You love the idea of me!” Tea, on the other hand, is like your favorite English professor. It’s always there for you, and they both have the “dark academia” vibe that we all love.

Areej: I’ve been told that’s my aesthetic. I’ve also noticed a big drop in my anxiety levels when I made the switch. No more of that annoying leg bouncing. Even when I drink black tea, which does have caffeine – but at a much lower dose – I don’t get the anxiety symptoms that I do get after a cup of coffee.  

Maggie: That’s one of the reasons I love tea so much, too! It’s just the right amount of caffeine to wake you up, minus the anxiety. This also makes tea a great nighttime drink. I often struggle with falling asleep, but tea helps reduce this problem. Even better, I choose to drink decaffeinated tea at night to avoid staying up all night. For example, the chamomile herbal tea that I always steal from you, Areej, is so relaxing! 

Areej: For reference, I own the “Calm Chamomile Herbal Tea” by Tazo, which I think everyone should have in their cabinet. It is the perfect cup of tea to drink right before bedtime while you catch up on the Jane Austen novel you’re supposed to be 40 pages into by now, but have just started. And no, I’m not sponsored by Tazo. 

Maggie: However, if Tazo happens to read this, please sponsor us. Also, if we haven’t convinced you yet on why tea is better, just look at Uncle Iroh in “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” (If you haven’t seen this TV show yet, go on Netflix and binge it right now.) That man is full of wisdom, and he only drinks tea! Coincidence? I don’t think so. Just look at his best piece of wisdom: “Sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life’s true delights.” 

Areej: Okay, now let’s address some of the concerns made by those die-hard coffee drinkers. Maddie from Finlay says, “I like coffee better than tea because it’s more customizable than tea and it feels more like a dessert.” 

Maggie: This is such a common misconception among coffee drinkers! There are numerous tea selections that you can choose from, including black, herbal, oolong, yellow, white, and green. And within each of these categories are so many more subtypes that you can choose from, like Paris, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and chamomile tea. These can also either be served as loose-leaf or in a teabag – each option provides a different culinary experience. You can also choose to add milk, sugar, honey, or cream to your tea. The combinations are limitless! 

Areej: One of my personal favorite options is bubble tea. At many bubble tea shops in New York City, it is customizable to the point where you can select what level of sugar and how much ice you would like. In addition to that, there’s a wide array of tea flavors, from matcha to taro. 

Maggie: Let’s look at another quote now. Emma from O’Hare says, “Tea is legit water with a leaf in it, bro.” False. Emma, reread what we just explained. Also, coffee is actually made up of 98% water, so…moving on. Mia from O’Hare says that “Coffee makes me happy and tea doesn’t.” Well, Mia, I feel like this might be a personal problem, since your bias towards coffee probably clouds your mood. 

Areej: I also think people sometimes don’t know what kind of tea they like. There are SO many different flavors, which can be overwhelming. Sometimes it takes a few taste tests before finding a favorite. 

Maggie: If you don’t want to commit to buying a full packet of tea, you can also visit a tea café. The cafés have a large selection of teas to choose from, and if you go with friends you can get more flavors to try from! (Of course, don’t share drinks now, because we don’t want to share teacups and spread Covid-19!) Tea cafés also are a fun experience! Most cafés give you cute, quaint mugs to drink the tea from, and the pastries and finger sandwiches taste divine! It’s as if you’re a part of the Royal Family.  

Areej: Tea cafés are definitely a great place to test out new flavors, whether you’re just starting to drink tea or have been drinking it for years. Chat Noir in Rockville Centre, NY, is one of my personal favorites. They have so many different choices and a warm, unique ambiance. I’d definitely recommend anyone around the area to check it out, especially with fall and winter coming around the corner.

Maggie: I absolutely love that place! Just another reason why tea is better than coffee. So, Areej, I’ve already convinced you that tea is superior, and hopefully, we’ve convinced our readers as well. If you disagree, I’m sorry, but tea is better than coffee. I rest my case. 

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