Clairo Review

By Nora Hogan

Opinions Editor

Move over Lexapro; there’s a new antidepressant in town, and her name is Clairo. I listened to her religiously over the summer, because the apocalypse hurts a little less when you’re listening to mellow bedroom pop beats. My excessive listening transformed me into a Clairo STAN, but my current status does hurt a bit when I think of my regrets. I saw Clairo in concert last year, and unfortunately for me, I did not appreciate the experience nearly enough. I was just a baby stan. 

The magic of Clairo’s music originates in the combination of her melancholy lyricism and upbeat tempos. This juxtaposition allows the listener to feel close to the spirit of the song while also feeling happy, sad, or just appreciative of the music. Her music hits different if you’ve ever experienced the confusion that comes with unrequited love or a complicated friend/more-than-a-friend (?) relationship. Additionally, if you need to have a manic dance party ASAP to shake out your blues, Clairo’s songs “Pretty Girl,” “Bags,” and “Sofia” are by far the best three to listen on repeat. 

Apparently, I am not the only person to cultivate an intense appreciation for Clairo over the summer. The internet has joined the ranks of the Clairo stans: in fact, there’s an entire side of Tik Tok dedicated to her music, looks, and general being. Discovering it on my For You page made me love her even more, and I appreciate my homies that also bump Clairo on the daily. The only negative from my indoctrination into the Clairo fanbase is that I now only respect men who listen to her music. In conclusion, Clairo rocks, and you should stream her newest album “Immunity” immediately. 

One thought

  1. Been bopping Clairo since I’ve discovered her in 2017, glad she’s slowly getting the recognition she deserves haha

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