Fordham University Begins Academic Reopening

Conor’s got a bone to pick

by Conor Lutts

Staff Rabblerouser

Gazing over the crowd of freshmen watching Fordham’s orientation video on consent, I realized something: Fordham has well and truly fucked us. We chose to give them our eight grand, we chose to get into bed with them, on the assumption that all of us were going to work to get the best situation possible in these unprecedented times. Now, not only do they refuse to use protection—more on that later—but they continuously refuse to give us any information on what’s going to happen next.

For example, what is the refund policy if Fordham decides to send us all home? Would it be in line with how the spring semester played out, or is it in line with Fordham’s current policy that anyone who pulls out of housing after week six is given nothing? Considering how many schools are dropping left and right due to COVID-19 outbreaks, that could be considered pertinent information, correct? Well, the only information that can be found on the Fordham Forward website pertains to the Spring 2020 refund. So I called, and they told me to send an email, with explicit confirmation that they had my Fordham email account, and I would receive a response within the next 24 hours. That was August 18th. I have still not yet received a reply, answering that or the other two questions I asked.

And putting people on hold only to ignore them completely is not a one time incident for Fordham’s Office of Residential Life. After my father called to ask about how students would quarantine if they got COVID-19, the office proceeded to put him on hold for twenty minutes, only to hang up on him.

What’s this I hear about Barnyard opening? Are you actually serious? The place was a disease vector before COVID-19 hit, I thought you were working with local police to shut down the bars, you know, so we could actually get a semester? That’s what you told the RA’s, along with how inter-residential hall visits would be completely banned, and every dorm would be monitored by 24/7 guards, making sure no one was sneaking in.

Now, I don’t have to tell you that this is an absolutely stupid idea. Fordham’s visitation policy was enough of a hassle before, especially given that every upperclassman knows of at least four ways into every building on campus. This was not going to stop anyone with a will and a first floor window. But I did see why they might do this. After all, dorms are the one place where you can’t really enforce mask use, and if you can force us all to congregate outside, then maybe some good can come out of this. I mean, it sucked that Fordham absolutely refused to give this information out to the general student body until they were forced by some whistleblower RA’s, and there is no clearer indication that they are just out to get our money than that action, but let’s be fair, this restriction is kind of needed if you want our fall semester to last more than two weeks on campus.

I have yet to see a guard positioned at the front desk of Salice-Conley. I know of multiple upperclassmen dorms which barely have any guards. And I know me stating this out loud could lead to some backlash, but some people in Salice-Conley might have wanted to hang out with friends from other dorms, and me saying this in this public forum might lead Fordham to actually do something. To them I say, snitches get semesters.

We all remember March 9. I still remember the people hanging out on Eddie’s, without a fucking care in the world, not realizing that this would be the last time they’d be on campus that spring. Please, let’s not have a repeat of that, because it doesn’t have to go that way. I know half the student body think we won’t last the next round of testing, and I am certain that Fordham doesn’t think we’ll last past whichever day they set the “refund cutoff” point at, but if we follow the rules, we take the precautions, we could have a fall semester. So don’t fuck it up.

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