Welcome to the Madhouse

By Suresh Hanubal

We here at the paper have long been obsessed and confused with my co-editor Christian Decker’s love of metal music. He’s an ardent Catholic, THE definition of a softboy, and yet is the biggest fan of metal music I’ve ever met. So when Christian launched his own podcast over the summer, entitled “The Double Decker Metal Mayhem Horror Show” and found on Spotify and Anchor, there was no question whatsoever that I would listen to it, both to better understand my friend and a genre of music that is oft misunderstood. What I found when listening to the first episode of the series, entitled “Welcome to the Madhouse,” was everything you would expect from a white suburban nerd’s first podcast episode (in the best possible way). Decker, long a man with a strong way with words, starts off his journey with the viewer by discussing his journey into the madhouse himself. Like most obsessions, his love of metal music began the latter half of his senior year of high school and has been enhanced by the fact that this genre aligns with his own political views. During a time of great upheaval and confusion such as the late 2010s, its protest aesthetics resonated strongly for a young Christian. 

Like most podcasts started by young white men, Decker’s is often an unwieldy, winding journey into the host’s mind. And what a mind it is! An avid horror movie viewer, Decker elaborates upon movies everyone should watch, with a focus on “Get Out.” Throughout his podcast, Decker meandered in this way, touching upon topics and, in a way, finding himself in the process. “The Double Decker Metal Mayhem Horror Show” is a must-hear and one that I recommend without caution.


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