She Rates Dogs Podcast Review

By Ashley Wright

Have you ever wished for a podcast like Call Her Daddy that talks about sexuality in an open and real way but without all of the Barstool drama? Then good news! She Rates Dogs is a new podcast fresh out of quarantine with only three episodes out so far and potential for success. She Rates Dogs is a sort of spin-off of the Twitter account by the same name, where host Michaela rates the various screenshots of terrible DMs, dating app convos, etc. that her followers send in. On the podcast Michaela and her roommate Mat talk about the lessons they’ve learned throughout their personal dating lives as well as commenting on the stories of and giving advice to listeners. As someone who listens to true crime podcasts 99% of the time, this was a welcome deviation from my norm.

Unlike Call Her Daddy, which was primarily the opinions of two straight white women, Michaela and Mat talk about how dating is different for women and men and how different sexualities have different “rules” when it comes to dating. Topics covered so far include how to recognize negging, sex and dating firsts, and reviews of some truly terrible Tinder bios. 

She Rates Dogs isn’t for everyone, however. While the hosts aren’t needlessly graphic, they definitely don’t hold back. A prime example is their current segment called “Grandma’s watching” where they have listeners’ grandparents read the types of messages usually featured on the Twitter page. 

There’s not much else to say about the new podcast, other than to reiterate that while all of the kinks may not have been worked out yet, it’s still worth giving a chance. The large Twitter presence prepares new listeners on what to expect before they’ve built up enough of a backlog of episodes to do that for them and as roommates the chemistry between the hosts feels natural and unforced. Perfect for a much-needed weekly distraction.

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