Crime Junkies

By Santiago Plaza

Look, I know what this looks like. A crime podcast that’s literally just about listening to horrific tragedies? It’s super weird! Why would anyone put themselves through that? I asked myself those exact questions when I started listening to Crime Junkies, and once I finished, I still asked myself those questions. But I had a blast in the meantime! Crime Junkies is a weekly podcast in which the two hosts, Brie and Ashley, tell the story of a crime or a criminal. Sometimes they’ll be about strange murders, other times about unsolved missing persons investigations, and others about destructive serial killers.

The only complaint I have is that sometimes the episodes don’t have an ending because the bad guy hasn’t been caught, obviously, but even then, the episodes are still amazing. The latest episode is about the murders of two sorority girls who seemingly disappeared into thin air. Even better, they post the information they researched for the case on their website so you can follow along with all of the evidence of the case on hand.

One of my favorite episodes is about a murderer who killed people to get inspiration for his Dexter rip-off of a tv show. There are hundreds of episodes and even the more mundane ones are bone-chillingly addicting. If you want a peek into history’s most infamous murderers, then give it a listen. Who knows! Maybe it’ll help you avoid death. Especially because there is someone watching you. Better to be prepared, wouldn’t you say?

Rating: 4/5

Favorite Episode: INFAMOUS: The Dexter Killer

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