So Long and Goodnight – a Dead-it

By Katelynn Browne

I’ve put off writing this for quite some time. Maybe it’s because the pandemic stole my
motivation to write. Maybe it’s because I can’t figure out what to say. Partially it’s because I’m
lazy. But I know that mostly it’s because it’s hard to say good-bye to one of the most positive
experiences of my undergraduate education.

Graduating college in the middle of a pandemic has got to be the whackiest experience of my
life. I don’t have closure. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Yet it is – for me, my fellow class of
‘20 deaditors, and millions of students across the world. It feels like the class of 2020 sort of just
dropped off the face of the planet.

Yet we push on, and remember all of the precious experiences and friendships we made during
the time we had at university. Cherish the moments you have with people. It feels dramatic to
say all this but life and circumstances can change so quickly, so enjoy what you can while you

To all my friends at the paper: Thank you. It’s hard to express how much you all have helped
shape my experience at Fordham. All the hours in the print shop, laughing and working
together, dancing in an empty Mugz on a Thursday night during finals, drunch – these are times
I will never forget and always cherish deeply. The paper gave me community when I felt alone
as a commuter. You are what allowed me to feel like I belonged at Fordham. You fostered my
creativity, allowed me to write insanely fun articles and create some Very cursed images. Thank
you so much for supporting me. I love you all so much, and I wish all the current editors and
members luck during these Strange And Uncertain TimesTM.

You know you love me
Xoxo gossip girl (mwah)

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