Katelyn Cody’s Goodbye

By Katelyn Cody

I tried to write this deadit so many times and in so many different ways, but nothing ever felt right. Maybe it’s because this goodbye just isn’t right. The abruptness at which we had to leave and the uncertainty of the future have made this goodbye incredibly difficult. So, in a manner that is only befitting of a future early childhood special education teacher, here is my goodbye to the paper and to Fordham, in the style of the children’s book Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.

Goodbye McGinley Second

Goodbye “ice or breaker” and arguments over how to pronounce “Reese’s”

Goodbye pushing the couches into a circle, only to still not have enough room for everyone

Goodbye ceiling leak next to the post office that maintenance always uses copies of the paper to clean up

Goodbye Print Shop

Goodbye parents and alumni walking into the Print Shop on game day looking for the entrance to Dagger Johns

Goodbye computers that never work and sketchy couch in the corner

Goodbye roasts posted on the wall

Goodbye Mac computer that no one can ever remember the password to

Goodbye piles of our beloved back issues that Campus Safety so lovingly deemed “a fire hazard”

Goodbye reluctantly agreeing to bring stacks of issues to the other side of campus on rainy nights

Goodbye production weekend singalongs and taking breaks to watch random YouTube videos

Goodbye clever issue covers & writer bios

Goodbye Bob & Judy and Brett & Bryttneigh 

Goodbye Eddie’s Parade and the sunny days when you were packed to the brim (even on the day school shut down)

Goodbye Starbucks in Dealy Hall and the money I wasted there

Goodbye Cunniffe fountain, the scene of reading on sunny days and emotional breakdowns on gloomy ones

Goodbye Walsh Library, the Periodicals Room, and the desk on the 4th floor where you can see the Empire State Building

Goodbye University Church, I’m sorry I only went to Mass twice

Goodbye Queen’s Court, Robbie 2 for life

Goodbye CSC, the sounds of MetroNorth, and the elevators that always stopped working when you needed them most

Goodbye Ram Van and your bumpy rides to LC

Goodbye Fordham Road, Arthur Ave, and Belmont

Goodbye 8:30s in FMH, my sleep schedule and I will not miss you

Goodbye Pugsley’s with your garlic knots and penne vodka slice

Goodbye Mugz’s, Blue Goose (rip), Howl, Barnyard, and Clinton Hall

Goodbye Coffey Field, and that one time I went to a football game Freshman year

Goodbye Spring Weekend and President’s Ball

Goodbye Keating steps, hopefully, one day I will walk across you to get my diploma

Goodbye Ramily

Goodbye Fordham

I am so thankful for all I got to experience in my four years at Fordham and in my time at the paper. There is certainly no publication like this one and I feel incredibly lucky for the people I’ve met and the things that I’ve learned from it. This is certainly not the ending to my college career that I thought I would have and this is not the final article I thought I would write, but it’s the one that I got and we just have to keep moving forward. I can’t wait to see where the future takes my fellow deaditors and the new staff of the paper, I wish you all the best. 

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