Car Drives Through Crowd of Protesters

Suspects Still at Large

by Christian Decker


If you’ve been keeping up with the news recently, you would know that there have been almost non-stop protests for the Black Lives Matter movement, protesting police murders of black men and women. On September 3rd, a car drove through a crowd of protesters in Midtown. The recent protests in Manhattan were in response to the death of Daniel Prude, who was killed by officers in Rochester, N.Y.

The car was a black Ford Taurus that reportedly contained a group of Trump supporters that had gotten into a confrontation with Black Lives Matter protesters earlier. Reportedly, at many of these protests, altercations have been rising in frequency between protestors and counter-protestors. This appears to be one such incident. Another was the shooting in Kenosha, involving the 17-year domestic terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse. Accordingly, Rittenhouse had crossed state lines apparently to look for trouble, and ended up killing two protesters while claiming he was “protecting local businesses.” These protests were started in the wake of the death of David Blake, who was partially paralyzed when police shot him in the back after being called to help break up a fight. Recent outbursts of violence at these protests have only increased over the past weeks.

According to interviews, the people in the car said they were afraid after the car was surrounded by protestors. These people said that they had been at the counter protest before they got into their vehicle and only did so after they had been “verbally harassed.” They then apparently drove into protestors after they felt threatened. Supposedly the protestors had begun hitting the car and trying to get the door open. Sources say that two people were injured in the incident, but it is unclear what the actual number of people was who were hurt. There is an ongoing investigation into the circumstances and other people who may have been in the vehicle but there is a lot we still don’t know about at the moment. It’s unclear as of yet whether anyone has been arrested for this incident, but there seems to be an ongoing investigation. 

Although it may seem like an isolated incident, violence starting at protests has been all too come. Often in peaceful gatherings, protesters have had tear gas fired at them, been beaten, and sometimes even being put in hospitals. Eyewitness videos show cops destroying medical equipment and water stations set up by medics and even police cars being driven into protesters, much in the same fashion as the car in Manhattan. Whether or not these new incidents lead to even more escalation remains to be seen.

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