Dancing to Boogie Shoes

by Nora Hogan

Copy Chief

Dancing is a cure-all for sadness. Whenever I’m feeling sad or alone, I blast the Saturday Night Fever album at full volume and dance like a maniac. The fervid movements of my limbs distract me for a short time from whatever it is that I’m anxious about at that moment. Out of all the songs on the album “Boogie Shoes” by KC and the Sunshine band is my favorite by far. 

The song opens with an array of brass horns, alerting the listener that they are about to embark on an auditory funkadelic journey into the 1970’s disco/funk genre. The heart of every disco song is the funky bassline. “Boogie Shoes” bassline is no exception. One listen to that irresistible beat and you’re already movin’ and groovin’ in your seat. The lyrics are very easy to learn, so you’ll be singing along in no time. I don’t know what it is about subliminally sexual lyrics combined with a funky bassline, but this combo never fails to get me shakin’ ~my groove thang~ with whoever or whatever is around me at the time. The song is not a musical masterpiece by any means, but the repetitive lyrics and boppin’ beat are perfect for not thinking about anything when all you want to do is think about everything. 

The best places to listen to “Boogie Shoes” are as followed in no particular order: alone in your bathroom or bedroom in front of the mirror, in the kitchen with siblings or pets, or in a public forum with your friends and without a single fuck. Happy listening! 

Rating: 5/5

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