A Playlist for Your Moods

by Marisa Valentino

Mental health is composed of three main categories; cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well being according to Medical News Today. In regards to emotional well being, it is important to remember all emotions are valid and worthy of being accepted and expressed in healthy ways. There are a variety of beneficial coping mechanisms for managing difficult emotions, one of which is listening to music. 

1 Angry 

Maybe you just missed the drink up at Mugz’s, your significant other is being a 

real asshole, or maybe you remembered Trump is our president. These are just 

some of the many irritating things that could piss off just about anyone. We all 

know that feeling; your jaw clenches, your palms get sweaty, and you just feel like 

screaming. Although anger is sometimes viewed as a negative emotion, it can be beneficial. When anger is channeled in a healthy way it can serve as motivation, make you aware of your boundaries, and encourage you to stand up for yourself. 

This playlist is for those who are angry and want to embrace their anger. Let this 

serve as a great alternative for punching a wall. These songs will do the screaming 

for you with singers yelling aggressive lyrics. Not to mention mildly chaotic 

musical compositions will mirror your emotional turmoil, what could be better than 


1 Of Age by The Frights 

Simply put, this song is about growing pains. The lyrics reference regret over past 

decisions and how relationships change with time. The yelling aspect of this song 

happens toward the end when the lyrics say “Overwhelming I’m not saying I have come of age” and it gradually increases in volume. This song is perfect for when you’re feeling irritated and confused about getting older. 

2 Holy Ghost by Slow Warm Death 

3 West Coast by Fidlar 

2 Sad 

Maybe you didn’t get that internship you really wanted, you forgot your Fordham 

ID number, or you’ve just had a really trying day in general. You get that familiar 

lump in your throat and lose all motivation to do anything except lie in bed. A majority of people would agree that sadness is not an enjoyable emotion, but it is important and does serve a purpose. Allowing yourself to experience sadness can help you come to terms with loss and bring your attention to something in your life that’s negatively affecting you. This playlist is for when you’re feeling sad and want, or need, to wallow in that sadness. These songs have slow tempos with repetitive melodies and lyrics that are sure to match your mood. 

1 Beach Baby Bon Iver 

Like most Bon Iver songs, Beach Baby is sad as hell. Lead singer Justin Vernon’s 

voice is unmistakably downhearted and the solo acoustic guitar plays a solemnly 

slow melody. This combination is gloomy enough on its own, but then there’s the 

lyrical content about a failed love which makes this song completely heartbreaking. 

2 Cig by Baby FuzZ 

3 Ribs by Lorde 

3 Calm 

Are you feeling a little (or a lot) too angry, stressed, or flat out emotionally overloaded? The best way to cope with this is by going through the often difficult process of relaxing. Calming down allows you to evaluate situations clearly, makes it easier to problem-solve, and allows for that invisible weight on your chest to be lifted. In addition to deep breathing, meditation, and other therapeutic techniques you can try this playlist. The slow rhythms, relaxed vocals, and light-hearted lyrics could be just the thing to regulate your emotions. 

1. Astrovan by Mt. Joy 

This song is incredibly easy to listen to and very calming. The vocals almost make it seem as if the lead singer, Matt Quinn, is telling you a story. The melody is predictable and repetitive in a good way. Not to mention it’s a song about Jesus being a stoner who drives an Astro van which is a total bonus. 

2. You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones 

There’s just something really reassuring about the repetition of the line “you get 

what you need.” 

3. Going Gets Tough by The Growlers 

4. Stolen Dance by Milky Chance 

5. Everlasting Arms by Vampire Weekend 

4 Happy 

Being happy is great. This emotion makes it easier to appreciate and focus on the 

good in life, be confident, productive, and so on. But sometimes it can be hard to 

feel happy. Sometimes we can feel consumed by another emotion or stuck feeling 

nothing at all. This playlist is to encourage happiness. The upbeat tempos and 

positive lyrics will hopefully put a smile on your face. 

1. Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners 

This is one of those songs that’s impossible not to sing and/or dance along to. The 

line “Too-ra-loo-ra, too-ra-loo-rye, ay” is ridiculously fun to sing. It’s completely 

fantastic and contagiously upbeat. 

2. Laura by Hockey Dad 

3. Peach Tree by Ax and the Hatchetmen 

4. Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations 

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