Tik Tok, Tik Tok, is the App’s Time Over?????????????????

A Clash of Spirits

By Angelina Zervos &
Omkar Ratnaparkhi
Features & Lists, News Editors

How did you first learn about Tik Tok?

Ang: TikTok cringe videos on YouTube.

Omkar: I saw some youtubers were sponsored by TikTok and would try to promote their TikToks in the first few minutes of their videos.

Describe Tik Tok to someone who has never heard of it before

Ang: Short videos 😀

Omkar: An unintentional try not to cringe compilation in the form of an entire social media platform.

Why are you for/against Tik Tok?

Ang: It’s a great platform to discover all sorts of different ideas and discussions. I follow some users on the app that teach about self-love, cooking, politics, and even how to become a better person, just to name a few!

Omkar: Not only are the vast majority of TikTok videos cringeworthy, but TikTok poses great national security threats. Musical.ly was purchased by the Chinese corporation ByteDance, and ByteDance has been accused by many national security experts as data mining foreign TikTok users, and censoring anti-Chinese government content such as the pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong. One year ago the Federal Trade Commission fined ByteDance for data mining minors under the age of 13; this and other data mining related activities by TikTok have led to further scrutiny of the platform.

Do you see Tik Tok becoming relevant to college students?

Omkar: Unfortunately many college students have been seen making TikToks. In order to stop this if you see one of them start taking a video of them and see them have a nervous breakdown when they realize you just took a video of them doing strange dance moves in public.

Ang: I see lots of TikToks that touch on topics that are relevant to college students, and I’m sure a lot of the app’s users are college-aged. However, I also think a large percentage of college-aged people believe that TikTok is made for kids or that it only consists of lip-syncing and dancing videos (def. not!) and are too stuck on this idea to download the app and try it out for themselves!

Are Tik Tok influencers legitimate influencers?

Ang: Absolutely. One of TikTok’s most popular creators, Charlie D’Amelio appeared in a SuperBowl commercial. So many brands are starting to capitalize on popular creators, using them in advertisements and brand deals.

Omkar: TikTok is the new Vine. If you consider Jake and Logan Paul to be “influencers”, then by all means Tik Tok influencers are “legitimate.” Let’s hope nobody from TikTok goes into a forest and does disrespectful things when they see a dead body.

A lot of people say Tik Tok videos aren’t impressive and don’t take a lot of work, what do you have to say about that?

Omkar: Making a TikTok requires recording a video with some sort of sound. It really isn’t impressive at all.

Ang: Totally disagree. I’ve seen certain TikToks that resemble short films. Yes, some of the videos posted require little to no effort, but that’s definitely not the case for all of the app’s content. Because of the time limit (a minute, tops), content-makers are forced to make videos that push the boundaries of mainstream video making in creative ways.

Do you think the other person could make it as a Tik Tok influencer?

Ang: Yes!

Omkar: Yes, the videos do not take much effort to make, and with a little bit of luck even a monkey become a TikTok influencer.

Do you think Tik Tok will ever be as popular as vine was or YouTube is?

Omkar: TikTok will never become as popular as youtube because Youtube is the mainstream and widely accepted form of video sharing. Although YouTube has rightfully come under fire in recent years fro censorship and becoming too corporate-friendly, YouTube has never posed the same degree of national security threats. YouTube is also capable of catering to a wide range of content. TikTok is very similar to Vine and hopefully its fate will be the same as Vine.

Ang: I think it’s already as popular as Vine was, if not more. I don’t see it becoming as popular as YouTube because YouTube allows for a much wider range of content to be posted. YouTube also lacks the same negative connotation associated with TikTok as perpetuated by mainstream media; older generations accept YouTube as legitimate more readily than TikTok.
Do you think anyone over the age of 12 should even be on Tik Tok?

Omkar: YES! In fact they should raise the age for people to use TikTok to 18 because many articles have been written about how pedophiles have used TikTok to network and share creepy videos of young children. Also, one year ago the Federal Trade Commission fined ByteDance $5.7 million for data mining minors under the age of 13.

Ang: DUH! If anything, I don’t think anyone ~under~ the age of 12 should be on TikTok. If they are, they should only be allowed to watch approved content. Don’t you have to be 13 or something to make most social media accounts?

Are you bitter about Tik tok because you don’t have any followers?

Ang: …

Omkar: No, I do not have a TikTok account and I never will. I am satisfied having zero followers and knowing my data is not being mined by the Chinese government.

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