Pete Buttigieg is a Psychopath

Someone call Shane Dawson ASAP!

By Collin Billings
Staff Psychologist

On February 3, America looked on in horror as the dumpster fire known as “The 2020 Iowa Caucus” burned itself into the annals of American history. It was undoubtedly one of the sketchiest elections in US history. From delays in reporting the results to inconsistencies in voting tallies, the Iowa Caucus was a disaster in almost every way possible. The only person who seemed to emerge unscathed from this debacle was Pete Buttigieg, the apparent winner of the Iowa caucus; who, despite losing the popular vote, managed to win the most delegates of any candidate. Quite the feat for someone only 38 years old. So, how did he do it? Was it his magnetic charisma? His innovative policy ideas? His rock-solid convictions? Oh no, he certainly doesn’t have any of that. Ultimately, Buttigieg won because he believes in nothing and stands for nothing. He and his campaign are willing to say and do whatever it takes to garner the favor of the Democratic establishment. From my observations, it’s clear that Buttigieg is only in it for himself and no one else; and that is why I think he is a psychopath.

Now, I realize that’s a big claim, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest this. In order to understand Buttigieg, we must evaluate his life before his campaign for president. After graduating from Oxford in 2007, Buttigieg got a job as a consultant at a firm called McKinsey and Company. McKinsey is a management consulting firm that advises some of the wealthiest corporations on the planet. It’s basically a Gabelli boy’s wet dream. Although many see it as an impressive achievement, Buttigieg seldom goes into detail about his role at the company. His reluctance to speak on his consulting experience likely stems from McKinsey’s unsavory reputation. The company’s legacy is shaped by its numerous corporate scandals. From price fixing, to embezzlement, to extortion, McKinsey has had a hand in all of it. Additionally, they’re famous for assisting the regimes of Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey, and Ukraine with cracking down on dissidents. While Buttigieg never held a central role in the company and has never conclusively had a hand in any corporate scandal, it’s telling that he would take a job with them in the first place.

It’s evident that McKinsey doesn’t care about the moral implications of their actions, they only care about ensuring their own success. In the same way, Buttigieg is willing to do or say whatever he needs to get what he wants. All of his political positions are perfectly milquetoast and uncontroversial. Buttigieg appeals to everyone because he refrains from saying anything meaningful. For instance, on February 6, Buttigieg tweeted out, “The shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue.” What the fuck does that mean? If you think about it for two seconds, you might be able to fool yourself into thinking that it’s meaningful in any way. But upon further examination, it’s clear that it doesn’t mean anything substantial. It’s about as deep as a Jayden Smith tweet. While this is an isolated statement, it’s indicative of Buttigieg’s general character. He’s the kind of person that attempts to hide their bullshit behind rhetoric. The kind of person who only supports Medicare-for-all “who want it” while taking donations from insurance companies and billionaires. The kind of person who says that he recognizes the issues of capitalism while working for a company notorious for white-collar crime. Buttigieg consistently minimizes the role he played while working at McKinsey, and I’m actually inclined to believe most of it. I don’t think that he was ever a central player in the consulting firm. However, I do believe that his experience there informed the rest of his career. Particularly, McKinsey taught Buttigieg how to stand for nothing, and still get everything.

Is it a stretch to say that Pete Buttigieg is a psychopath? Maybe, but at the very least, he has a pseudo-psychopathic character. For those of you who never watched Dexter, a psychopath is an individual who lacks the capacity for empathy. Psychopaths lie and manipulate to get what they want and seldom have remorse for their actions. Buttigieg can flip-flop on Medicare-for-all because he doesn’t genuinely care for the people it affects. He has no qualms working for an amoral consulting firm because he doesn’t care about the harm it does. Often times people frame Buttigieg as the safe option for Democrats, someone who’s not too radical that is capable of beating Trump. His win in the Iowa caucus further reinforced this idea in the mind of the general public. However, supporting Buttigieg means settling for another politician who doesn’t care. It means settling for another candidate that won’t make any meaningful change. It means settling for another psychopath

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