“Roger Stoned”

Noah Made a Political Cartoon

By Noah Kotlarek
News Editor

No, Roger Stone, one of Trump’s former campaign advisers, was not stoned this Thursday, but he was sentenced to forty months in prison for impeding Congress’s investiagation on Russian interference in the 2016 US presidental election. Now the public is wondering if Trump will attempt to pardon Mr. Stone. Provided is the list of Roger Stone’s Ten Rules

  1. It’s better to be infamous than never to be famous at all.
  2. Attack, attack, attack. Never defend.
  3. Business is business.
  4. Hate is a stronger motivator than love.
  5. To win you must do everything.
  6. Reinvent yourself.
  7. Nothing is on the level.
  8. Think big. Be big.
  9. What’s in the public domain is fair game.
  10. Past is fucking prologue

Roger Stone says of his rules, “The Stone Rules exist because sometimes the truth is too painful, and the lies will land you in prison.” It turns out that the lies do in fact land you prison and either Stone did not follow his own rules or his rule are flawed.

Trump’s friend
Oddly dressed

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