Review: Honeymoon by Beach Bunny

by Hope Guzzle

Do you have sex? Do you have emotions? Do you have emotions about sex? If the answer to any of those questions is yes then you should listen to Beach Bunny’s new album Honeymoon. The Chicago-based, indie rock outfit’s newest release continues with many of the themes that their previous songs have dealt with: insecurities, jealousy, and failed romances. Conveniently released around Valentine’s Day, many of these songs will make you doubt everything you have just said to the person you are into, and completely validate every emotion you have about doing so. If you’re in the mood to just jump around and lament all the emotions you are feeling, make sure to give this album a listen.

The whole LP listens like a 90s teen movie soundtrack, so naturally I love it. However that does mean that many of the songs fall into one of two categories, angry girl power cord songs or mopey sad girl ballads. While this can get repetitive, especially when songs like “Cuffing Season” and “Racetrack” come on, the majority of the album does manage to keep it fresh and interesting. The opening track “Promises” is reminiscent of Mitski’s Bury Me at Makeout Creek with its loud vocals and emotionally confused lyrics, whereas “Ms. California” sounds like it’s straight off of a Best Coast album, sundrenched guitars and all.

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but that does not mean that we all have our shit together now. Sometimes it’s nice to have an album that seems as confused as you are. So listen to this album, dance around your dorm, and feel like somebody ~totally~ gets you.

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