Review: “Everything Seems Like Yesterday” by The Frights Hope Guzzle

by Hope Guzzle

Earwax Editor

On The Frights’ most recent album, “Everything Seems Like Yesterday”, the band tries to go in a new direction by creating an entirely acoustic album. The band is not new to acoustic songs, but this is the first time that a whole album has been acoustic, and they probably should not do it again. I am a pretty big fan of The Frights, and have enjoyed all of their previous albums immensely, but this album just sounds like a bad Bright Eyes cover band’s attempt at writing original material. I have no issue with acoustic albums, but when you do an acoustic album it’s easy to fall into the trap of making all your songs sound the same, and The Frights are guilty of this. I just finished listening to the album for the second time, and not a single song has jumped out at me; instead I just slowly felt my brain turn into mush as I listened.
Another issue with this album is that despite the change in sound, the lyrics sound just as angsty as their prior, more punk based albums, and it is very distracting. I have no problem with hearing less than eloquent lyrics about beers, breakups, and bad sex when it is played over obnoxious power cords and yelled into the microphone; but when I have to hear them wailed over an acoustic guitar they just feel like they are from a miserable sixteen year old’s diary.
I am probably never going to listen to this album again, because I don’t hate myself, but if I had to pick one song that maybe is worth listening to, I guess it would be “For Someone Else’s Sake”. It was catchy enough. But honestly just listen to their album “You Are Going To Hate This” instead, it’s so much better.

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