Review: “Purgatory” by Despised Icon

By Christian Decker

Deathcore is one of those metal genres that I have a love-hate relationship with. On the one hand the crushing riffs and breakdowns can really induce amazing headbanging fits, on the other hand sometimes every deathcore song can sound the same. Despised Icon’s newest album Purgatory fits both of these categories of deathcore albums. Something really cool about the album is that it starts off with an acoustic intro, “Dernier Souffle,” which is not something I’m used to from these kinds of bands. Besides their sometimes repetitive nature, the songs hit you like a freaking truck, and make for some pretty good workout music when you’re in the mood.

The title track comes out of nowhere after the slow acoustic intro. Riffs made to crack your skull combine with vocals that have both growling and screams, which sounds a lot like some of the post-hardcore stuff I’ve heard. “Slow Burning” later breaks your concentration from whatever you were doing to shake it up with some more funky riffs to head bang to. Then there’s this weird song that has more screaming than growling called “Snake in the Grass,” which I think is about a toxic ex? I’m not really sure it’s a really weird song that is kind of placed in there and I’m not sure I entirely like it. That being said the rest of the songs seem to fit together pretty well. They just kind of seem to blend together. The lack of cool guitar solos doesn’t exactly help that fact either. All in all, it’s not a bad album but could use a few little tweaks to make it that much better.

Rating: 3/5 Q-Tips

Favorite Track: “Purgatory”


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