Review: “Everybody’s Everything” by Lil Peep

By Sebastian Guccione

I was surprised when I heard that Lil Peep had a new, posthumously released album on November 15th, which also was exactly two years after he passed away. The album is called Everybody’s Everything and it was released with a documentary film by the same name as a sort of soundtrack. I haven’t seen the film yet, which is in theaters. It seems to have been well received, especially by his fanbase, and even has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I admittedly was never a hardcore Peep fan but I listened casually and liked a lot of his music; he meant a lot to my friends so he was always around. The album is a mixture of new songs and old songs that were never officially released. I can’t imagine the pressure his producers were under to finish the album well, but overall I’d say they did a great job. It wasn’t overproduced, which I think is pretty common for posthumous releases where the artist didn’t have influence over the entire process.

The heaviest part of the album for me was the song, “walk away as the door slams (acoustic)” featuring Lil Tracy. It’s an acoustic version of the song by the same name that he released in 2016. It was the last song on the album, and was such an emotionally evoking way to end it. Making an already great song into an acoustic version as the final track was a bold move that paid off. It really isolated the emotion in his vocals that you don’t normally pay as much attention to. Also, the acoustic guitar really stripped things down to an aching level of softness. This makes me want to see the film even more, because I can only imagine how my feelings towards the album would be compounded by the nostalgia of the documentary, especially during the last scene that accompanies the last song.

Rating: 4.5/5 Q-Tips

Favorite Track: “walk away as the door slams”


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