Review: “DHL” & “In My Room” by Frank Ocean

By Noah Kotlarek

Frank Ocean has recently released two singles. The first, “DHL,” named after the German third-party logistics firm provides a refreshing yet familiar flavor of Frank Ocean. The tune’s simple bouncy yet restrained beat paired with Frank Ocean’s tight and relaxed delivery makes for an echoey and reflective track. Frank Ocean’s vocals sound as if he isn’t trying. This doesn’t mean he sounds sloppy. Rather, he makes it sound easy.

Though “DHL” is new to the public it isn’t new to Ocean: “Think it’s new it ain’t new Old files just turned two yea it flew yea Still sound like it’s coming soon.” Here Ocean intertwines logistics and the song itself. “DHL” sounds like it could be a leak of his new upcoming work as in “album coming soon” or like a package that is coming soon and flew via cargo plane. You should listen to this song after a long day, it will relax you but listen to long and you may feel melancholy.

“In My Room” was released shortly afterwards on November 1st. Whereas “DHL” is spacey, loose, and seemingly gibberish, “In My Room” is more energized and focused. The content as well is also less cryptic. Ocean raps about his lover spending nights in his bedroom and how Frank doesn’t put on a front for people, “You won’t flinch when camera’s flashing, flashing, not fake laid back, no it’s natural.”

Whereas “DHL” leaves you meditative and melancholy, “In My Room” will make you feel neutral. The song goes by quickly and isn’t memorable, not that it’s bad. It’s nice. “In My Room” is nice, that’s the best way to put it. “DHL” is one of his strongest works, but “In My Room” is just a song. It could make for a nice little filler song or interlude on a full album.

Rating: 4/5 Q-Tips

Favorite Track: “DHL”


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