Review: Jesus Is King by Kanye West

By Rich Shrestha

Praise the lord. Kanye’s evangelistic mission has finally dropped: “Jesus is King.” However, unlike the preachers on Fordham Road, people do not want to ignore this.

At first listen, the album seems to be what Kanye came up with after opening the Bible for the first time. His normal musical production value as always is high quality. Some tracks with such strong instrumentals include the aggressive “Selah” and the melancholic and controversial “Closed on Sundays,” discussing Chick-fil-a. Yet, for many of his original fans, “Jesus is King” lacks the grittiness of his musical roots, to make way for his new religious devotion. The most reminiscent of the old Kanye and my personal favorite song is Follow God, with vibes of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

But this album is not for me. Kanye does what he believes is best for Kanye and what makes Kanye happy. And right now, Kanye wants to perform gospel music, even though the majority of his fans do not want it. Instead he reaches an audience of devout Christians and lost souls. The track “God Is,” is an example of this type of acclaim with YouTube comments such as “I’m not even a believer but this makes me want to be saved,” and “Bruh Satan jus took that L.”

Indeed Satan may take that L, but so may have Kanye with this new course. Isolated from Kanye, this album is decent and definitely grows on you after more listens, but, as a Kanye fan, comparably to his other work this collection feels lackluster and missing his original and drawing R&B and hip hop essence. Unfortunately, if this album is an indicator of Kanye’s new path rather than a short detour, this could mean the end of Kanye’s best.

Rating: 3 Crying Kim K’s out of 5.


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