Review: “Cheap Queen” by King Princess

By Nora Hogan

On October 25th, 2019, the world’s ears were blessed by the release of King Princess’ highly-anticipated “Cheap Queen.” For the past two weeks, this album has been the soundtrack of my existence, being my go-to musical accompaniment to homework, subway naps etc. It’s an album full of tangled feelings tinged with a hint of self-deprecation. King Princess fully admits to her tendency to be hard on herself in the album’s first track, “Tough On Myself.” She then delves into the web of betrayal and confusion of love that exists within her.

Mixing emotion with upbeat melodies, King Princess wraps her cries for unconditional affection in songs that you can bop to in tracks such as “Ain’t Together” and “Cheap Queen.” However, juxtaposing tracks, such as “You Destroyed My Heart” and “Do You Wanna See Me Crying?” songs on the album predominantly focus on her frustration with the fickleness of love in a more somber tone.

She succeeds in creating an appropriate ratio of “sitting and thinking deep thoughts at 2am” and “I thoroughly enjoy this song without listening to the lyrics and getting emo about it” in her album. In general, I find “Cheap Queen” specifically refreshing to listen to as it genuinely encompasses the struggles of finding love in the modern age without the naive innocence that accompanies much of her earlier work.

However, I think that the release of her EP, “Hit the Back,” spoiled the release of the album by giving listeners a premature preview of all the hits of “Cheap Queen.” No track on the album really stood out to me other than the ones that I had previously listened to on the EP. Regardless, King Princess’ songwriting and message in her new work are truly great and worthy of praise.

Rating: 4 Q-Tips

Favorite Song: “Ain’t Together”


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