McGinley Center About to Get a Lot More Awesome

Construction on several campus buildings in ongoing

by George Kite

Staff Architect

Nothing elicits a “bruh” more than running into construction on one’s daily commute. Since the beginning of the school year, a flurry of heavy machinery, fluorescent vests, and fences have been all around Fordham University’s Rose Hill campus. Truly, chaos reigns supreme when it comes to McGinley center, Collins Hall, and Walsh Library, where construction workers mill about, the road can be blocked off, and all assortments of jackhammers and clanging can be heard.

At McGinley center, things are poppin. Although fenced off, you can enjoy a wonderful view of rocks, dirt, and heavy machinery from the cafeteria, McGinley second floor or Hughes Hall upper floors. Perhaps the biggest change that construction has caused Bellarmine road, which runs from the three-way to Fordham Prep, to be blocked off. People walking from any of the freshman dorms like Queens Court, South, or Loschert must now walk by the Edgar Allan Poe way and Old Elm road in order to get to the cafeteria, the gym, and the post office. It has perhaps caused a much greater pain for Fordham Prep, considering Prep students must now be dropped off at the entrance by swerving around university students and cars in a one-way road accommodating two lanes. 

All the construction at McGinley is for the expansion of McGinley center, due some time in 2021, that will expand the gym, cafeteria, and ballroom. Currently, the construction is putting pipes and other utilities underground, in preparation for the extended spaces. Whether or not the construction is finished by 2021 remains to be seen – construction projects often end up taking longer than their projected date of completion. And being in New York City, known to have an extensive amount of regulation, construction can often be impeded for numerous reasons, for better or for worse.

Perhaps with a bigger and better McGinley, we will have space to expand the fitness center as well as a more spacious weight room. A new cafeteria, complete with more space for students to sit. New spaces for clubs and activities, ideally with a space for the paper to host extravagant production parties with catering and a ball pit. But we won’t see the finished product of all the construction for another 2 years. And there is still a lot to be built – there isn’t even a concrete foundation yet for the expansion.

At Collins Hall, more fences gate construction on the east side of the building. Collins Hall is getting a long-due elevator put into it, to much avail. Considering Collins was built simply to block a planned railroad and to be an actual building, it is a nightmare for anyone who has difficulty climbing stairs or has a physical disability. Accessibility for disabled people is an important priority in urban areas, where buildings and cities are planned without giving thought to people in wheelchairs or crutches, making living or working in certain areas impossible. On a strange note, the construction means that anyone wanting to enter the basement or first floor of Collins has to enter through the back, but to enter the theater you have to go through the front, so that makes sense.

Around Loyola Hall, you can also find the trademark green fences up. But these fences are up around to protect students from a terrifying few pipes being dug up. In what seems like a bit of overkill, a small section of the Loyola lawn has been dug up for piping, but the entirety of the lawn is blocked off. I don’t make the rules, but like, it isn’t the end of the world to see a few pipes exposed.

Walsh Library, our beloved study space at Rose Hill, is also getting its fair share of construction. Between the library itself and Fordham Road, small bulldozers and construction workers have torn up the ground and installed more pipes. The trees behind the library have miraculously survived – for now. While it seems nothing is being built, it looks like Walsh is in the same boat as Loyola, except with more work being done.

With the construction around campus, it seems that campus is no longer a peaceful respite in New York City. Fordham students now have to wake up to the reality that construction follows you everywhere, and that there is no escape from it. It seems like the idyllic green oasis that Fordham has cultivated has gone; yet, one must note that construction, as long is may seem to stick around, will eventually be done with. Construction, while a nuisance for students, faculty, groundskeeping, and Fordham cats, is just another part of life that elicits the saying “Just grin and bear it.”

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