Review: “Blood Harmony” by FINNEAS

By Olivia Langenberg

Opinions Editor

Now that I officially commute everywhere, I’ve got a solid two hours every day to fill with music. And boy, have I exhausted my entire Spotify library. Just when I thought I’d have to give up entirely and sit in silence, I saw that FINNEAS just released a new EP. Does this man sleep?? He’s been busy traveling the world playing When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, the album he and sister Billie Eilish released at the end of March. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m thankful.

Blood Harmony is a sweet little EP that goes just over 20 minutes, which is perfect. I was worried because I know FINNEAS is love or whatever and I thought this might be an EP full of cliche love songs. There’s a song called “Partners in Crime,” after all. But he’s such a clever songwriter that it doesn’t matter. I’m convinced. Also, the album art? I’m out here wishing I was laying on a picnic blanket with my lover underneath that LA sunset. Would be cool if it was FINNEAS, but whatever.

After I found out FINNEAS was the one who wrote Billie’s breakout hit “ocean eyes,” I figured he needed more recognition. I wouldn’t say Blood Harmony will take him out of his sister’s shadow, but it certainly showcases his talent. I hope in the future that FINNEAS will continue releasing his own music because, as much as I enjoy what he makes with Billie, I’m intrigued by his solo stuff. For now, I’ll let this EP be my subway soundtrack for the next few weeks until something else comes along.

Rating: 4 Q-Tips

Favorite Track: “Lost My Mind”

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