Review: “Heart Like a Grave” by Insomnium

By Christian Decker

News Editor

Finnish melodic death metal masters Insomnium are back and better than ever with “Heart Like a Grave.” To say I’ve been looking forward to this album would be an understatement. Insomnium has always remained consistent with their material and this album is no exception. The melodic mastery brings me no disappointment.  Insomnium is similar to Cult of Luna in the respect that their music manages to make me feel so powerful and yet at the same time can make you feel incredibly depressed.

In this instance, Insomnium’s songs reflect the love and loss of everyday people. Some of the lyrics are heartbreaking and really get to you. On “Pale Morning Star,” the is combined with exceptional guitar work and solos that bring a whole flurry of melodic minor tones that set the mood for walking through the Finland forest while it’s raining thinking about your lost love. “Valediction” brings high energy and gloom to the start of the album with a relatively fast pace to get you going. Next up is “Neverlast,” which really kicks the riffs into high gear giving you an amazing burst of energy before you get into all of the depressing songs. “Mute is my Sorrow” is one such song, along with the title track, it really manages to bring your mood down, but not bring you to tears. It’s more of a contemplative reflective sadness that while extremely painful, is something that Insomnium has managed to turn into something quite beautiful. The album finishes off with a soft instrumental track “Karelia,” to ease you into the rest of your day. An amazing album that I will probably have on repeat the next few days.

Rating: 5 Q-Tips

Favorite Track: “Pale Morning Star”

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