Re-Elect DA Singas!

Why you should vote for Madeline Singas on November 5th

By Christian Decker

News Editor

Advocating for public servants is not something I usually do when I write articles for this publication. Sure, you’ve read plenty times about my gripes with the current administration, my gripes with how people perceive protest, and my gripes with our inhumane immigrations policies. However, it’s about time that I advocate for something that perhaps many of you can do to make a difference in our country.

In September, I started interning with the re-election campaign for Madeline Singas, the incumbent District Attorney for Nassau County, New York. For the past few weeks, I have been calling voters and asking them to support DA Singas in her re-election to help keep Nassau County safe, and let me tell you I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t believe in her message.

Unlike a lot of typical politicians, DA Singas can actually run on her record. On her watch, Nassau County has become one of the safest places to live in the entire state of New York. For over 13 years, DA Singas has been dedicated to keeping crime off the streets. Elected to the district attorney position in 2015, she is the first Greek American and the second woman to hold that position in Nassau County.

Under her watch, crime in Nassau has dropped a staggering 25 percent, a historic low in Long Island. Recently, she has focused on taking down gang violence. DA Singas has prosecuted 218 major gang leaders as well as human traffickers. In 2018, she took down one of MS-13’s highest leader on the East Coast. It was recently reported that DA Singas was able to get the life sentence for two MS-13 members on the count assassination of a man in Hempstead.

Perhaps my favorite element of DA Singas’ agenda has been her handling of the recent opioid crisis. Her style revolves around treatment rather than punishment, especially for those who are at the most, the youth of America. In Nassau, heroin deaths are down 21 percent. DA Singas also opened the first 24-hour drug treatment clinic in Nassau, dedicated to helping addicts get the help they need without fear of repercussion from law enforcement. One of the biggest steps in this regard has been the establishment of the Office of Alternative Prosecution and Resources, or the PHOENIX program. PHOENIX looks to provide alternatives to jail for those with mental illness or drug problems. While there is still a focus on protecting the public, the program looks to help addicts reintegrate with society to help contribute in a positive way.

Another salient issue that faces our time is the prevalence of gun violence in most if not all communities across the country. DA Singas strongly supports methods to end gun violence in this country. In 2018, she fought against the Concealed Carry and Reciprocity Act and continues to support common sense gun legislation like universal background checks and safe storage laws. That same year she established a task force to help ensure that community buildings such as schools and churches are safe from this kind of senseless violence.

Madeline is also a major supporter of anti-hate crime laws. In 2017, she established a hate crime task force to better tackle these crimes that seem to be appearing more and more recently. This, in combination with her activism against gun violence, make a power paring in measures to keep Nassau County safe. Thanks to DA Singas’ efforts, when prosecuting said hate crime laws, the defendant must also take part in classes geared at building tolerance and preventing these kinds of crimes from happening in the future.

For those of you who actually want “the swamp” drained. DA Singas’ is actually getting results. She has worked to eliminate corrupt politicians from Nassau County and to hold them accountable for their actions. Her activity is not just limited to one side of the aisle, she has prosecuted everyone that has broken the trust of their constituents.

Not only that, DA Singas is also one of the fiercest fighters against animal abuse, achieving a 100 percent conviction rate against those who would abuse our furry friends in Nassau County.

I know that a lot for people at Fordham are from Long Island, so I encourage you to register to vote and make your voice heard in these elections. Madeline Singas is an excellent District Attorney and she should be allowed to continue her great work. If you are interested in helping out with the campaign, no matter where you’re from, contact!

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