Review: Ain’t Together by King Princess

By Abbey Delk

In the age of casual flings and ghostly lovers (though not of the Bronte variety), 20-year-old pop artist King Princess longs for a return to old-fashioned love­­—or at least, a firmly-placed, super adhesive label. Two weeks ago, the Brooklyn-raised artist released her EP Ain’t Together, named after one of its singles. Both the single and the EP serve as a teaser for her upcoming debut album, Cheap Queen, set for release October 25. King Princess has already received acclaim for several previous projects, notably her 2018 single “1950”, and this newest batch of songs continues her trend of drawing inspiration from her romantic struggles in our modern era. Her musical ethos? To advocate not only for high quality music, but also for the LGBT community. As she told Vulture, “I will talk about being gay till the sun comes up. But I’m only interested in good music. I don’t care if it’s gay or straight.”

Ain’t Together represents King Princess’s conflicting feelings towards romance. As the title track—a smooth acoustic guitar pop number featuring Father John Misty on drum—suggests, the singer has become wrapped up in relationship struggles many of her peers of the same age know well. As she sings in the chorus, “We say ‘I love you’ but we ain’t together/Do you think labels make it taste much better?” Not to mention the cheeky, “I ain’t chill at all” before the refrain. The rest of the songs reflect a similar emotional state, an attempt to balance the persona of a relaxed party-girl type and a deeper longing for affection and commitment. If the rest of the album follows suit, we’re in for a treat.

Rating: 4 Q-Tips

Favorite Track: “Useless Phrases”


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