Review: The End of the Game by Weezer

By Jack Archambault


Weezer’s new single “The End of the Game” from their upcoming album Van Weezer is mostly enjoyable, inoffensive, and pretty good. Unfortunately, that also makes it the type of song you forget about five seconds after it ends.

“The End of the Game” features more metal riffs than most Weezer songs, at least ones of recent vintage. It is certainly a departure from the poppy notes and whimsical lyrics of some of their newer songs like “Can’t Knock the Hustle” or “Thank God for Girls”. Lead singer Rivers Cuomo describes Van Weezer as “Blue Album-ish”, which “The End of the Game” certainly is. It deviates from that album’s offerings, however, in that it simply isn’t as catchy, unique, or fun to sing along with.

This single is better than some of the music Weezer has made the past few years. While I don’t necessarily dislike anything about The Black Album or Pacific Daydream (and enjoy The White Album and the covers-only Teal Album), Weezer’s best albums are their first two. As much as fans might wish for a return to The Blue Album and Pinkerton, it feels safe to say more than 20 years after their releases that it’s never going to happen.

Is that bad? Well, yes and no. As someone who loves those two albums, I would love to see the band put out something that good again. But just because they might not reach those heights again does not mean Weezer is incapable of putting out good music anymore. Van Weezer might end up being a solid album, but if “The End of the Game” is any indication, it’ll be merely pretty good. As Weezer fans, that’s just something we’ll have to learn to accept – if we haven’t already.

Rating: 3 Q-Tips

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