Review: Charli by Charli XCX

By Liv Langenberg

Opinions Editor

Everyone’s favorite electro-pop princess has blessed us all with a new album! This 15-song self-titled release will surely have you popping molly and floating into the abyss at the club with your girlies. Charli went hard on this one. That is, she collabed on this album with some iconic artists- I mean, she somehow dug Sky Ferreria out of the hole she’s been trapped in for years. That’s gotta count for something. Believe me, I was all in from the beginning. I was absolutely bopping down the street to the first half of the album, but I got pretty bored by the end.

All of Charli’s albums are like this for me. She’s got a handful of bangers that I bounce along to in the shower, then she’s got some duds that I immediately skip when I’m on shuffle. I admire that she’s so committed to experimenting with beats, auto-tune, and entirely random melodies, but sometimes it just really does not land. I was psyched for “2099”, her second collab with Troye Sivan, but to be frank, it’s awful. It is so inferior to their first hit, “1999”, that it truly pains me. On the other hand, though, she’s got “Next Level Charli”, “Silver Cross”, and her shining star “Gone” that genuinely smack.

Is the entirety of Charli worth your time? Nope. Is this the best album of the year? Definitely not. That being said, I still dropped $75 to see Charli at Terminal 5 next month, so take that as you will. When she gets it right, it’s awesome. But when she gets it wrong, it’s… so wrong. Nonetheless, Charli has been a consistent for me on my daily commutes, even if I have to skip half the album.

Rating: 3.5 Q-Tips

Favorite track: “Gone”


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