Succession is the Show You Need to be Watching

Game of Thrones meets Gossip Girl

by Ava Lichter

Staff Success Story

I know that Fordham has decided that we are undeserving of HBO GO, but you need to get your hands on someone’s password if you aren’t already freeloading off of your family. Why? Because you should be watching the TV show Succession. Succession is the kind of show that your mom might tell you she’s been binging to fill the void of your absence now that you’re at college and you made the halfhearted promise that you’d check it out but you haven’t quite gotten around to it yet. Well, it’s starting to get colder, meaning you’re going to be spending more time in bed swaddled in a blanket burrito, so I would say that the time to start your new favorite TV show is now.

I would describe Succession’s vibe as Game of Thrones set in modern-day Manhattan. The settings and wealth depicted have enough extravagance to fill the gaping hole that Gossip Girl left in our hearts, but instead of a group of elite Upper East Side teenagers, it’s about a powerful and vicious family – the Roy family. They own a company called Waystar RoyCo, which is basically a fictional CBS, meant to be the largest news conglomerate in the world. They control major and local news channels, radio stations, they spend millions to acquire Buzzfeed-esque websites, and to top it all off, they run a chain of theme parks.

At the center of the show is the aging CEO of Waystar, Logan Roy. He is best summed up as being a Scary Old Dude. He mostly invokes fear from those around him, and it’s established pretty early on that he’s in charge and crossing him is not a good idea. He’s not planning on retiring any time soon, but there’s still the big question of who will take over the company when he does. The options are his four children and current (third) wife, who continually battle it out for the power that comes with being named the next CEO.

Logan’s children are definitely a motley crew. First up is his oldest son Connor who is well meaning but delusional, a contrast to Kendall, the middle son who you intermittently pity and hate. Up next is Shiv, Logan’s only daughter, who adds some female badassery to the show and wears enough pantsuits to rival Hillary Clinton.

Finally there’s Roman, the youngest son, played with just the right amount of snark to make him entertaining to watch while still being an asshole played by Macaulay Caulkins’ little brother Kieran. Rounding out the cast we have Marcia, Logan’s calculating wife with questionable intentions, Shiv’s partner Tom who is equal parts sadistic and eccentric, and my personal favorite, cousin Greg.

Greg serves as the eyes of a normal human being with morals and ethics who stumbles into the fold of the Roy family after a long estrangement. He is completely clueless and generally bumbles his way through everything. In a recent episode, he goes so far as to ask for permission to blackmail someone. He certainly adds some comedy and lightens up a show with many dark undertones. His loveable naïveté compared to everyone else on the show just steals my heart.

What makes Succession so great are the twists and turns in each episode, the phenomenal acting, and the depiction of wealth and power. Succession is the kind of show that will entertain you but also make you feel a little smarter while it does. If you’re looking for a new show to binge this semester, get your hands on an HBO GO password and stream Succession

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