Review: Lover by Taylor Swift

By Julia Carnevale

Although Lover is not Taylor Swift’s first album, it is the first one that she owns completely. As a result of this total ownership, Lover is an album that knows her worth, skips down 16th avenue loving life and love itself, occasionally wondering how different things would be if she was a man, and no longer letting her fears define her. If this album were a person, you would probably want her as your best friend (or lover).

Don’t let the glitter heart around Taylor’s eye on the cover fool you – a romantic album doesn’t mean it is also a concealed album. Don’t let the pop production fool you either – “Death By A Thousand Cuts” has already been established as the most underrated on the album by fans because the way that it sounds seems to hide its vulnerable lyrics.

You might be relieved to know that some of the old Taylor shines through in these lyrics, especially in the rawness of “The Archer,” and a feature with The Dixie Chicks on “Soon You’ll Get Better.” Notably, when the album is paired with her journal entries (available for $19.99 at Target), the real Taylor is exposed.

It may be difficult to pick a favorite song (for walking around campus, mine is “I Think He Knows”), but with 18 tracks, this is not impossible – even for that person who “hates” Taylor Swift, I’d probably recommend “Cruel Summer” to them.

In “Daylight,” the last song on the album, and arguably her best closer of all time, Taylor leaves us with a bold claim: “You are what you love.” So, if you love Lover, you get 5/5 glitter hearts.

Rating: 5 Q-Tips

Favorite Track: “I Think He Knows”

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