By Taylor Mascetta

The cover of BROCKHAMPTON’s fifth studio album depicts two men in a close, tearful embrace, signifying that this album will be especially heavy with emotion. It is — and that’s what makes this album great. GINGER doesn’t come without its fair share of controversy. Just last year, founding member Ameer Vann was ousted from the group due to accusations of sexual assault. The feelings experienced by the band as a whole are crafted into GINGER.

The beats of the songs immediately stand out. A chill, relaxed vibe echoes throughout the entire album, despite the stark emotion. “NO HALO” and “GINGER” have a slower, more relaxed tempo, while “BOY BYE” and “I BEEN BORN AGAIN” have a quicker rhythm. The variety of tempos throughout GINGER takes the listener through a variety of experiences.
A closer look into the lyrics of “GINGER” gives listeners an inside look into every emotion the band felt throughout the past year, from the context of “BOY BYE,” the mournful questionings on “DEARLY DEPARTED,” and the seething feeling of betrayal found within “VICTOR ROBERTS.” The album expertly addresses the elephant in the room and gives the world an insight on the inner feeling they all feel following the downfall of Vann. Nevertheless, not the entire album relates to their own issues. For example, songs like “SUGAR” and “GINGER” address issues that may stem from a relationship. Songs like these serve as palette cleansers giving the audience a chance to relate to them.

I’ll be honest – this is the first BROCKHAMPTON album I’ve listened to in its entirety. However, I’m so glad I gave it a chance. Each song brought me to a closer understanding of the band as a whole. The raw emotion and complex themes found on GINGER make it a must-listen.

Rating: 5 Q-Tips

Favorite Track: “BOY BYE”

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