Queen Clur Ends Her Reign Atop Fordham’s Free Speech Journal

Oversharing is what the paper is for, right?

by Claire Nunez


Goodbye, the paper. It has certainly been a ride with you. I joined your funky little cohort of writers my first semester. It was you or The Ram and I am so thankful I dragged one of my new friends to McGinley 2nd that crisp Tuesday evening. My first article for you was a critique on growing up told through the shifts in Miley Cyrus’ career. It sounds entirely pretentious and it probably was, but the Editor-in-Chief at the time, Zoe, said she loved it. And that was it. I was in love with you, the paper.

My time with you became central to my time at Fordham. I made plans around you. My weekends were almost always spent with you. We spent so much time hanging out in the disgusting McGinley basement and we made some incredible friends along the way. I think I value these friendships far more than I appreciate you, the paper. Now, don’t get me wrong, we had some pretty great articles, covers, and designs, but these people are truly great.

Look at all of the deaditors I’ve worked with. I am so thankful for Ali and Zoe that first semester because without their support, I probably would’ve left. They gave me so much guidance on my writing and helped me craft such thoughtful pieces. Then, I worked with Siobhan and Kelly and my goodness, that was such a joy. I love Mom and Dad– they taught me how to be an awesome section editor and how to get things done. And lest we forget Luis and Looby. This was such a fun time full of paper parties at Rachel’s, gossiping with Michael, and lots of tooling around in the print shop. I love all these people and it always warms my heart when I get to see them again. I wouldn’t have met any of them without you, the paper. You brought us together.

Now, I must say my favorite era with you was when I was an Editor-in-Chief with my dear friend, Colleen. The two of us had to be the fearless leaders of a group of quirky and incredible editors. We worked together a lot and we were excited to set up our own “brand” for you. When I returned to you from Amsterdam, I found so many new faces on my team. It was certainly a bit daunting, but I know that working and training these kiddos was so worth it. I had my old reliable team of Hillary, Meredith and MJJM (well, somewhat reliable for this sloth). I knew I could count on these incredibly talented and hilarious people. I will certainly miss making fun of my favorite character from Ice Age and laughing at literally anything Meredith says and doing just super funky and art-y things with Hillary.

As for the new eggs, I am constantly so proud of the work they do. You brought me to them, the paper and I love them lots. There’s your new fearless leader, Jack, who is just rocking the game right now. And my beauty queen, Liv who should not hate mushrooms. Annie who is way too cool for me. Christian who is Catholic, but Black Metal is his life. Andrew who just hates my music taste. Marty who just always makes the best banners. David who is a serious sweetheart. Katelynn who is downright hilarious. Gabby who is the literal sweetest meme queen I’ve ever met. And the most brilliant human, Robin who is just so smart and kind. All of these new cool beans editors are so smart, creative, funny, and wacky. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met them. It was certainly stressful being a single EIC in charge, but I was able to work with some incredible people. I felt comfortable with these kiddos and every single time I see them online or in person I laugh or smile. Again, I am so incredibly thankful for them. There is no one else I would want to leave you to than them.

It is time that I really wrap up my goodbye to you, the paper. I am not really sure if or when we will meet again, but I will surely stalk your Facebook page and keep tabs on your Instagram. It has been real. It has been fun. It has been real fun, but now it is time that I move on to bigger and brighter publications. Knowing all of these current editors, I know there will be some kick-ass covers and serious criticisms of the world around us. I wish you all the best and I am excited to see what new editors will do with you in the future.

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