Colleen is Burning Up From All These Feelings! Gross!

An A+ writer and A+ kickball player. We ❤ our student-athletes

by Colleen Burns


When I came to my first meeting for the paper, I was a freshman and clearly clueless. I saw the paper at the winter club fair and assumed it was the school paper, or essentially The Ram. I didn’t know there was a difference between the two publications or even that there were two publications! EIC Siobhan very kindly explained to me how the paper works and what’s up with The Ram (thanks, homie).

Looking back, I really think freshman me was actually more suited to work on The Ram. I have a type A personality and love some good organization and structure. The Ram is all of these things; the paper is none of these things. the paper is a chaotic group of personalities and opinions that somehow manages to barely pull off a pretty cool and engaging publication five times a semester. I’m not cool.

But there was something about that first meeting for the paper that left an impression on me, so much so that I felt like even just checking out an introductory meeting for The Ram would be a grave betrayal. I think the fear of betrayal came from the sense of community I witnessed at that first meeting.

And wow did I find such a weird and great community. This crew made Tuesday night meetings in McGinley 2nd (and being kicked out of McGinley 2nd), paper parties, paperfests, KICKBALL, and production weekends actually fun and worth it. The paper pals taught me to actually care about what’s going on in the world. I learned to pay more attention to politics and current events, just so I could keep up with group conversations. I learned to think more critically because there would always be a paper pal who could squash an argument with a totally valid point I never considered. So yeah, I’m still not cool, but I’m a better person. Gross! Feelings!

I guess this is where I thank all the peeps. Siobhan and Kelly, thank you for making my first year at the paper so warm, welcoming, and fun. I MISS Y’ALL. Luis, thanks for being a legitimate journalistic role model to me. Looby, thanks for forcing me to create a bulletproof argument that ghosts exist. Shoutout to other deaditors who made my time with the paper exceptional: Rachel, Michael, Declan, Scott, Nick, Matt, Anna, and Reyna. Thanks peeps.

I could NOT have handled the paper (and also just life in general) without Claire Nuñez. My co-EIC and literal rock, I love you, and I know we’ll stay friends for a long time. MJJM, who even are you? I hope you create Executive Editor-type positions wherever life takes you. Major thank you to all the editors who made this past year’s publication the best yet: Hillary, David, Robin, Jack, Meredith, Gabby, Olivia, Annie, Andrew, Christian, Katelynn, and Marty. I’m so incredibly proud of the endless work and love you have put into this publication. You made our special edition, Sex, Drugs, and Everything the Jesuits Don’t Want You to Know, possible! Thanks for putting up with me last semester, and may you never have to feel my wrath again.

Some of my best memories at Fordham are with these paper people. I will forever associate Estrellita’s, anything Marvel, the Wii song, people named Bob, and people named Judy with the paper people. No shade to The Ram, but I’m so lucky my freshman cluelessness brought me to the paper. I would not have become the same person or made such incredible friendships. I love this publication and will always be a fierce supporter and reader of Fordham’s only free speech and student-run paper. Gross! More feelings!

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