Spring has Sprung…Let’s Celebrate!

Shout-out to FUSE for being all around awesome

by Noah Kotlarek
Copy Editor

Recently campus has begun to realize its true beauty. Spring is here, colleagues! Thanks to the change in weather and the current time of rest between the end of midterms and the beginning of finals, campus has become a much more pleasant place to be. A walk outside reveals the glory of nature. The magnolia trees have bloomed, showering the wavy green grass in petals of pink and white and filling the air with a sweet but light fragrance. Between Hughes Hall and Dealey, the maintenance staff has planted densely packed flowers along the pathway and the fountain has been turned back on. With the coming of clement weather, student culture at Fordham can shine.

Last Friday afternoon, the Fordham University South Asian Entity (FUSE) hosted a Holi festival, which marks the start of Spring, the triumph of good over evil, forgiveness, and thanksgiving for a good harvest. This Hindu celebration, like the vibrant leaves and flowers on the tree, is filled with color. Celebrants throw handfuls of dry paint powder onto each other and people smear their companions’ faces with the powder. Clouds of red, blue, purple, orange, and yellow floated across Martyr’s Lawn. The afternoon was filled with shared laugher, smiling, and good cheer. For nearly two hours we ran up and down the lawn, scooping up fistfuls of powder. Food was also provided by the club, naan, biryani, chola, samosas, and aloo ghobi lined the tables. There was also a magical creamy beverage called mango lassi. Wow! It may even be better than eggnog and guanabana. Neil Khilwani describes the beverage, “it’s a lovely drink and reminder of my home and culture.”

This lassi in and of itself is art. Someone took the time to select and measure the ingredients, like a painter selects acrylics, so others could enjoy. After the color throwing ended, an exchange student gave a short speech about the significance of the holiday. Then students returned to their dorms to shower themselves off, rinse out their powder filled ears, and replace their contaminated contact lenses. But, it was all worth it. Returning to the dorm caked in a ridiculous amount of powder was all part of the fun. In sum, Fordham’s Holi was a real treat and I highly recommend you attend it next year.

Whether it’s the soft colors of the flowering trees or the vibrant ones of Holi, art is alive at Fordham. While you walk to class take a moment to stand under a magnolia tree, look straight up, and enjoy how the branches appear to form cracks on the clouded sky peppered by the pink flowers. This simply joy has the power to make your day a bit better. Appreciate the beautiful work of the maintenance staff and gardeners. In front of McGinley, next to the gymnasium is some phenomenal landscaping. The yellow daffodils, hidden deep within planting bed behind the other flora flare out like golden trumpets. And the grass on the Rose Hill lawns itself is a work to behold. The deep green waves are a portrait you can sit on.

This Spring, seek out art where it may not be evident. Often, we only see art as a manmade work. That is, we see a piece of art. I challenge you to see art in something that hasn’t already been labeled as art.

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