Fordham Wins Tinder Contest

Juice WRLD and Charli XCX to Perform

By Suresh Hanubal

News Editor

As many of you may know, Fordham University just won TinderU’s #SwipeOff contest. This contest, in many ways inspired by the March Madness tournament, pits universities across the country against each other to see which one has the highest ratio of “swipe rights”. The winner of the competition gets a free concert, with the performer(s) this year being popular rapper Juice WRLD and British artist Charli XCX. This year, more than 100 schools were included in the competition. In the final four, Fordham University was pitted against Stanford University, Cornell University, and The University of California at San Diego.

The #SwipeOff contest was facilitated by Tinder’s app. Essentially, participants in the contest were students at universities across the country, and in order to be included in said contest you had to be part of Tinder’s TinderU program. TinderU is essentially the same thing as regular Tinder, except that you put in all your credentials for your university and use that to log-in and interact with other students from both your own university and other universities within your general area.

Last year, Tinder held the same #SwipeOff contest, with the performer being the controversial rapper and alleged sexual assailant Cardi B. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst won that competition, and Cardi B performed on the schools’ campus. The university beat more than sixty other schools to be awarded this honor. As reported in publications such as “The Boston Globe,” UMass Amherst students overall had a fantastic time at the concert with many describing it as one of the best experiences of their lives. Hopefully, Juice WRLD and Charli XCX’s performances at Fordham garner a similar reaction from the student body.

The free concert is expected to take place on 24th April at a location to be determined somewhere within fifty miles of Fordham University’s campus. All students need to attend the concert is a valid student ID and a TinderU account. Originally, some students had concerns about the fact that initially, Tinder was only going to allow 500 people to attend. However, Tinder addressed those concerns, and have expanded significantly the number of people who will be able to enjoy the event. Some students have also expressed concerns about where exactly the event will take place, as the location is yet to be determined.

A wide variety of students participated in the competition. Those who had otherwise had never used the dating app downloaded it en masse, as did a surprising number of people who are in committed monogamous relationships. Also, there were obviously a large number of students who were merely swiping right in a manner similar to that before the competition.

Interestingly enough, as stated the concert will take place on April 24th. This is just three days before the Spring Weekend Concert, which is scheduled to take place on April 27th. As there has been a lot of controversy recently about the co-headliner at that event, this may provide an alternative to concerned students.

Fordham’s student body’s unity in this competition may come as a surprise to the outside observer, as the campus remains divided in the wake of many scandals that have roiled the school within the last few years. However, the unity shown during the #SwipeOff competition shows that regardless of one’s opinion on matters ranging from the school’s sex abuse crisis to Sean Kingston, that at the end of the day all everyone really wants is a free concert.

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