Why Go to MoMA When You Can Go to Keating Basement?

We have some seriously talented people here

by Noah Kotlarek
Copy Editor

The next time your waiting for your next class in the basement of Keating Hall get up from the squishy lounge chairs and take a walk around the perimeter. Look at the walls and consider your peers’ artwork, some of it is quite good. One particularly good display is the pencil sketches from Professor G. Brown’s Drawing I class. The human body and torso sketches are quite impressive and beautiful. The praying hands and Mother Teresa are strong. Professor G. Brown claims another wall for the Visual Thinking class. Taped upon this white wall are black pieces of paper intricately cut into the profiles of peoples faces. To create these works must have taken a lot of time and snipping. It would be a shame if one of the thin pieces of papers got ripped. Though these pieces of art truly are impressive, I most admire their creators’ patience.

Next on the basement walls are the scalable abstracts. The exhibit, or wall, follows the creative process from sketch to sculpture. On the left of the wall are pen drawings and on the right are the realized Styrofoam architectural structures. Most of the pieces are a combination of pavilions, endless staircases, and pure abstraction.

Another section will have you salivating. One student’s painting features two large red tomatoes. Delicious, the tomatoes are great. The complementing piece next to it shows a close up of a lush kiwi. Such artistic genius can only come from one source of inspiration, the Fordham Marketplace (cafeteria). For the protection of the student I recommend the two pieces be taken down before Aramark files a law suit. It’s a surprise they haven’t already as viewership of these tomato and kiwi paintings are sure to have cut into meal swipe transactions. With these two masterpieces up there is no longer any need to eat at the cafeteria.

On the collage walls, you’ll find my two favorite pieces. The fire hydrant with the person cascading out of its port is a special treat. It’s aesthetically pleasing, humorous, and simple. My other favorite also involves water leakage. This one is five drawn faces of a boy with his head in the CPR head-tilt chin-left position and tears pouring out of his eyes. It is easy to imagine the drawing on the cover of a musical album.

A more provocative set of paintings features a grotesque hairy-arm-pitted female rockstar surrounded by other divas, tattooed characters, and skeletons. Another piece in the set is a portrait of the rockstar with blood dripping out of her body and a snake coming out of the corner of the sheet of paper. Very goth, very edgy, very graphic.

At Lincoln Center there is also an art exhibit, which is in fact more active than the one at Rose Hill. Upon my last visit, on view were Fordham Professor William Conlon’s abstract designs featuring bright colors and amoeba-like shapes. These same designs were the drafts for “floor art” in elevator lobbies in New York City apartments. Interestingly enough, the same professors’ work is on permanent display in the lobby of the Fordham Law School, a gift to the school after his 35-years of teaching at the institution.

Please, when you find yourself walking in the Keating Hall basement, take a moment to take in the art. It was put up by people who spent a considerable amount of time making it, so pay your respects and look at it. The student’s work may even spark a creative fire within your own mind. Have a nice day and enjoy the gallery.

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