How to Spot Arrogant Professors Before it’s Too Late

Rate My Professor: Paper Edition


That’s it! I’ve had it! I am SICK and TIRED of selfish, arrogant professors who feel the need to flex on their students rather than teach. I can’t seem to escape them. But what else can I do other than post multiple bad reviews on until the site’s moderators suspect I’m a bot? I’m writing this article to inform our community about how to spot the exact professors I’m talking about, so you can escape quickly from a semester of frustration.

Let’s say you’ve just started a new class, and you’re still on the fence about whether or not your professor is an arrogant a-hole or not. No worries, here are some sure-fire ways to spot one.

For starters, on the first day of class, these professors will dedicate most, if not the entire period talking about themselves. In fact, the goddamn syllabus includes their personal biography. “Before we start, let me tell you a little about myself…” they say. A LITTLE? Be prepared to spend hours listening to personal anecdotes, extremely opinionated or controversial statements, or a cocktail of the two. Oh, and I can’t forget the cliché “It’s very hard to get an A in this class,” or “Not many students pass my class without a lot of hard work.” Wow, we are very impressed that you’re bad at your job!

On the topic of syllabi, these professors either have one similar in length to Webster’s dictionary (remember they need space for their biography) or none at all. Maybe you’ll get it next class, sorry they had to make a few changes. Oops! The class is three weeks behind because we spent the last 7 classes having discussions (aka listening to their rants about the state of American politics) and now they have to re-write the syllabus. That paper that’s due on the 5th? Now it’s due on the 30th. Good luck trying to figure out what the readings are for next class xoxo.

Blackboard? Never heard of it! You can “get a feel for how you’re doing” in their class not by viewing the grades that will never be posted, but instead by basing it off of that one writing assignment they gave at the beginning of the semester and graded quickly to show how great of a professor they are.

Or maybe they’ll send you BB announcements at 1 a.m. Make sure you read this 30-page document by 8:30! Don’t forget, the syllabus is always subject to change! Sometimes they’ll even spam your Blackboard feed with dozens upon dozens of links to “suggested reading” that actually appear on the next exam!

A definite way to spot an arrogant professor, my absolute biggest pet-peeve, is if they always go over class time. My blood boils just thinking about it. How self-centered and arrogant does one have to be to believe that their class has priority over any other? The minimum amount of time allotted in between classes is ten minutes, and to those who take their classes consecutively without large breaks in between, every minute counts, especially when you need to trek across campus! If your professor does this from the start… RUN! Otherwise you will literally be running in between classes.

I write this as we prepare to register for the Fall semester. Please rate your professors. Please. Warn other students, or maybe encourage them to take a class with a really amazing professor. Don’t be selfish. Don’t be like those professors. Choose wisely! Even if you do end up with a shitty professor, push through! There’s so many wonderful, passionate educators to make up for it.

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