Fake Melania Conspiracy Theory Takes Nation by Storm

Fake News or Fake FLOTUS?

Erin Stehler

Staff Conspiracy Realist

The internet has stricken the Trump family yet again. The fake Melania Trump conspiracy theory has returned with a vengeance and investigative Twitter is thrilled. For context, back in 2017 photos surfaced of Melania Trump looking rather unlike herself. The conspiracy is that this woman is not Melania at all. People believe that when Melania gets fed up with Donald’s shit, she sends in her double to attend events in her place. At first, it may seem ridiculous; however, it makes significantly more sense if you think about the dynamic of their marriage. For the first few months of the presidency, Melania did not even live at the White House. Now that she does, they are the first couple since the Nixons to sleep in separate bedrooms. It is no secret that Melania is not thrilled with the idea of acting head-over-heels in love with Donald in public. For example, her response of a tear jerking, “Yes, we are fine.” when asked if she loved Donald. I encourage everybody to search a video of Melania repeatedly rejecting Donald’s aggressive handholding. There are many good videos, including a compilation by the Huffington Post on YouTube. Excellent content. If she is truly as miserable as she appears in photos and videos, it is far from insane to believe the Trumps hired a double.
Let us jump into the latest appearance of the suspected body double. In early March, the Trumps traveled down to Alabama to visit a memorial dedicated to tornado victims and the internet did not take long to detect inconsistencies in the press photos published shortly after. In the pictures in front of the memorial, Melania appears noticeably shorter than usual. Her nose, mouth, and chin shape also appeared different under closer investigation. At this point, we may ask ourselves how they can get away with this deceit if the facial details are indeed so obviously different. Well, every time there is a suspected double, Melania is wearing large black glasses that completely conceal her eyes. Differences in the mouth and nose could be blamed on makeup or lighting, but unless her eyes are visible it is extremely difficult to discern. Melania also rarely speaks to press unless she needs to; most of the time she just stands silently by Donald’s side. No wonder she wants to skip once in a while. Can we really blame her? Anyway, this eliminates the need for this person to sound like Melania; they would only need to look like her. However, if such a person exists, who could this mystery woman be? It would be difficult for her to have been an actor since people would have been able to track her down easily. This woman would have to be completely under the radar.
Conveniently enough, one of Melania’s Secret Service agents looks a lot like Melania. In fact, she looks suspiciously like Melania. No information has been leaked about the agent’s identity, so there are only a few photos of her standing directly next to Melania for comparison. The public noticed that in several of these photos the security agent is wearing high heels, which seems strangely out of character for a person whose job may require them at any time to run at a dead sprint and push the first lady out of the way of a car or the path of a bullet. People suspect this to mean she is ready to step in as understudy at any given moment. On the other hand, maybe she is just a woman who excels at running in heels. This, in turn, begs the question if Melania gets to go home or if she has to follow this Secret Service lady around all day and pretend to be her. Personally, if I was an exhausted First Lady given the option, I would choose to be a fake Secret Service agent.
Despite the striking resemblance of the agent, many argue that the woman is far too short to effectively stand in for Melania, even in heels. There have also been pictures of the First Lady’s face from later that same day in Alabama that look more convincingly like the real Melania. For these reasons, many discard the conspiracy as just that: a conspiracy. Even Trump himself tweeted saying, “The Fake News photo-shopped pictures of Melania, then propelled conspiracy theories that it’s actually not her by my side in Alabama and other places. They are only getting more deranged with time!” It is unclear which news source he believes spends their time slightly photo-shopping the mouth on Melania pictures, but I’d like to know. If nothing else, the theory really pissed Donald off and we couldn’t ask for more than that. Essentially, it is possible that this theory is true; however, it is probably fake, and it is definitely funny.

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