Mueller Report Completed … But Not Yet Released By Barr

Barr Report summarizes 300-page Mueller Report in 4 pages

By Christian Decker
News Co-Editor

At the close of the 2016 Presidential Election, it was revealed that the Russian Government attempted to hack our elections and tamper with the results. All of the U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that this had occurred. The only real question was who knew about it. Almost two years ago, special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate the extent which the Trump campaign knew about this attack, and to what extent, if at all, that they helped the Russians, or if they obstructed justice. During these months, many subpoenas have been issued, indictments given, and people have been charged with crimes. This is including former Trump campaign advisor Paul Manafort, who will be serving three years in federal prison. About two weeks ago, that investigation came to an end.

On Thursday two weeks ago, Mueller submitted his report of the investigation to Attorney General William Barr. In response, Barr released a four-page summary of what was in the report, or so we think. In fact, the Mueller report has not been released to the public as of yet. Questions have arisen as to why that is, and why Republicans on the Hill have voted to not release said report. Rumors have circulated that someone somewhere has something to hide. Of course, as of now these are unsubstantiated claims.
The summary concluded that there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians, but it did not rule out possible obstruction of justice claims. According to the Chicago Tribune, President Trump has felt vindicated by this latest report. In his own words, “It could not have been better.” He reportedly told GOP senators that he had “a clean bill of health” in regard to his relationship to Russia.

House Democrats have reportedly sought out Barr to testify before the House Judiciary Committee about his findings in the Mueller Report. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is quoted as saying that Barr would be testifying “reasonably soon”, according to CBS News. Although the Committee will most likely be getting this testimony in the near future, concerns have risen over the fact that the full report has not been released yet. House Democrats have given Barr until April 2nd to release the full report, but as the day fast approaches, it’s unclear whether or not it will be released in time. Nadler told CBS that “The special counsel, Mueller, spent 22 months investigating this and these are some of the central questions before the United States Congress and the American people and it is unacceptable if we don’t — the Congress, certainly, and the American people — don’t see the full report and he wouldn’t commit to that… We are not happy about that to put it mildly.” If the full report is not released by the deadline, Democrats have reportedly vowed to call both Barr and Special Counsel Mueller to testify and will even use subpoenas if necessary.

Former FBI director James Comey also weighed in on the Barr report. Comey was fired from being FBI director for leaking supposedly classified memos and it was speculated that the real reason he was fired was for prying too deep into the Trump Administration’s ties to Russia, with even the President alluding to this. Comey reportedly said that “I thought that’s potentially obstruction of justice and I hope somebody is going to look at that.” Comey was “confused”, according to CBS, that the special council was unable to find a case of obstruction of justice and that he remanded the case to the Justice Department for further consideration. He added that “I also question how Barr came to the conclusion without knowing (Mr. Trump’s) intent.” Questions have also arisen, both from Democrats and others as to why the Special Counsel never subpoenaed President Trump, in an investigation about his ties to Russia.
Despite the controversy with the Barr report, the American people actually stand pretty united on the issue. According to a CBS poll, 3 out of 4 Americans want to see the full report released, although they differ ono their view of what that report means for the President. Most Republicans think the report exonerates the President as expected, and most Democrats don’t know and want to hear more, as expected.

Regardless of the outcome it’s important that people realize that this is the process by which we find the truth. Even if right now we don’t have all the information, we soon will, as enough people are talking. No matter the outcome it’s important to consider the role that impartial investigations have in making sure that our leaders stay honest. We must accept the findings of this report, that is when we have it.

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