Jeff Neubauer Will be Back, Because Why Should Winning Basketball Games Matter?

In related news, Barstool Sports is still run by morons

by Jack Archambault


In one incredible 30-minute sequence on Wednesday, March 13, Fordham men’s basketball, Jeff Goodman, and Barstool Fordham all made spectacular asses out of themselves.

Not that that should come as any surprise.

Mere minutes after Fordham lost to Richmond in the first round of the Atlantic 10 tournament in Brooklyn, Goodman, a college basketball analyst at Stadium, tweeted that head coach Jeff Neubauer had been fired. It was a classless move, firing a coach before he even walked off the court. Or at least it would have been, had it actually happened.

Goodman deleted the tweet almost immediately after he had sent it. Moments later, Barstool Fordham posted on Instagram saying that sources had told them Neubauer was fired and the move would be announced Friday. There was no indication as to who those sources were, and Barstool bizarrely added a disclaimer at the end that read, “If true, you must credit Barstool Fordham.” Unsurprisingly, it was not, and even less surprisingly, as I write this the post is still up.

No, Neubauer was not fired. Athletic Director Dave Roach announced on Friday that Neubauer will return for a fifth season, which Goodman announced in a tweet that did not get deleted.

Neubauer has had more success recruiting European mistresses than European big men and has never once worn a suit jacket that matches his pants. And that’s before we even begin to talk about basketball.

Neubauer has a 22-50 conference record in his four years as Fordham’s head coach, and he has never won a game in the A10 tournament. Since he took over at the beginning of the 2015-16 season, Fordham has ranked 225th, 327th, 346th, and 319th in points per game. That’s out of 351 Division I teams. And if you’re thinking, “Well, he had a winning record in 2015-16,” just remember that a) Dereck Whittenburg also had a winning season at Fordham, and b) Neubauer’s teams have gotten progressively worse each year of his tenure, at least in A10 play (No, they don’t get any credit for scoring 106 points against CCNY).

To be clear, Fordham’s woes in men’s basketball go far beyond the head coach, and making a change there is not guaranteed to turn the program around. The facilities are outdated, and athletics seems unwilling to spend the money necessary to advance the program in any meaningful way. Not to mention they would rather pack the Rose Hill Gym with opposing schools’ fans than make any effort to connect with Fordham alumni and bring them to games. When fans of your own school can’t get tickets to games because they’ve all been sold to opposing fans (as happened this year against Dayton and St. Bonaventure) that’s a real problem. It’s tough to take a program seriously when even the home games feel like they’re being played on the road.

Still, the bottom line is that the team doesn’t win games. They haven’t for almost 30 years. Getting rid of Neubauer might not fix that, but keeping him around definitely won’t.

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