Gerard Way Meets Superheroes: The Umbrella Academy is Fantastic

It’s never just a phase, huh?

By Zahir Quader

Features & Lists Editor

What do you get when you put a junkie, a man with the body of a space gorilla, a movie star, a time traveling old man with the body of a child, Batman, a ghost and their emotionally repressed sister…? A pretty fun TV show. The Umbrella Academy tells the story of a family of childhood superheroes who, because of their upbringing have developed into emotionally damaged adults.

There is Number 1, Luther, the golden boy of the Umbrella Academy. A courageous hero with super strength, he was the leader of the team. Yet, after a series of accidents he was stuck with the body of a gorilla, exiled to the moon and the only officially active member of the team. The next member is Number 2, Diego, whom after leaving the Academy basically became Batman with the amazing ability to throw anything with perfect accuracy. Number 3, Allison, has become a famous Hollywood star with her mind control powers, though she is currently going through a particularly ugly divorce.

Next, there is Klaus, Number 4 (objectively the best character in the series) who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Klaus has resorted to excessive use of drugs and various other substances to silence the voices in his head. Number 5 also know as simply Five, who has the power to leap through space and time is one of the most interesting. With his ability to time travel he became trapped in the future for fifty years. Number 6, Ben is dead so he isn’t important. Number 7, Vanya, a boring normal person is basically hated by everyone else in the group. This has left her lonely and withdrawn. But, on the bright side she is pretty good with a violin.

The series begins with the death of their father Sir Reginald Hargreeves multi billionaire, adventurer, philanthropist. The wayward siblings all return home for his funeral and are reunited with each other and the rest of their family – Mr. Pogo a sentient chimpanzee and Grace their robotic mother. Out of nowhere, Five returns after being missing for years. Not only is he physically 13, but mentally, he is a 60-year-old man proclaiming that the end of the world is coming in a few days. Follow these heroes as they deal with all the chaos: from hijacking an ice cream truck to fighting the Viet-cong, the Umbrella Academy gets caught in a lot of crazy situations.

But like all things, shit gets real when the emotionally neglected Vanya meets her very own Joe Goldberg and discovers she has super powers. So while everyone else is doing god knows what from be it jumping through space in time trying to score some coke or dealing with unresolved sexual tension, they are all completely ignoring Vanya. Eventually stuff ensues and things get figured out and the season ends.

Umbrella Academy is a very enjoyable show on Netflix. Not only does it have action, but comedy, family, emotions, a solid soundtrack and much much more. The cast list is honestly amazing with Five and Klaus stealing every scene they are in. While Allison and Luther are a bit lackluster, they do have their moments. The series has serious moments but they are greatly balanced out by consistently hilarious moments throughout the season (#HazelChacha Interrogation).

Umbrella Academy is an amazing series with many fun moments and mysteries that keep you engaged throughout the entire series. While there are a few slow moments the series makes up for it with great characters and energy. I would highly recommend this show to people who love superheros, comedy and action as it has all three and is definitely worth the watch.

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