Politics has become desensitived and that’s a BAD THING

Longing for the bygone days of inconsequential celebrity gossip

by Erin Stehler

Staff Civility Preacher

The problem with politics right now is not the president. Well actually– it is –but there are more important issues. There are just so many things happening all the time: people quitting, illegalities uncovered, etc. The problem is not these things alone, it’s just that nobody cares about anything anymore. So many shocking things have happened in the past years that would have given our grandparents aneurysms that we are desensitized to. When the president making death threats on Twitter becomes normal, there’s a problem. If somebody told me that today Donald Trump claimed he owns South America, frankly, I would probably believe them without batting an eye. Let us take a look back through the timeline of these past four years, shall we?
This rabid Cheeto started off strong by firing the FBI Director who was investigating him over the Russian interference scandal. I do not understand how that’s allowed, but okay. Sure. Obstruction of justice aside, there’s more. The reason he was not immediately up for impeachment is probably due to the hellstorm that followed. If there was just one thing, just one impeachable offense, people would have jumped on it. But they never stop coming. There’s no time to process the madness. One of my personal favorites of the impeachable offenses is one that often gets overlooked: Trump retaining ownership of Trump Towers and having foreign officials stay there is actually violating the constitution. I bet you’re not surprised, and the fact that you’re not surprised should worry you a little bit. Speaking of that pesky constitution, he fails his basic constitutional duties every single time he has tweeted about or supported any neo-Nazi or anti-Islamic causes.
Now let’s play a game and try to name a law the president has not broken. Murder? Maybe. The Fifth Amendment? Nope! He pardoned Joe Arpaio for ignoring his court order to stop detaining people by race. Here’s another good one: Trump and Kim Jong-Un’s little game of red rover. I don’t even know if this one is a law, but the president generally is not supposed to endanger the peace of the country in a game of “you shoot first, I dare you”.
To reiterate, I am not trying to convince anybody of anything; I’m just pointing out that it’s a little strange that all of this just slipped past. There are so many more things, both illegal and just plain strange, that have happened the past few years, and I don’t think I could name them all. Actually, I doubt I have even heard them all. One of the most recent, however, was the separation of children from their families at the Mexican border. These kids are in cages and though people demonstrated their anger at first, it has subsided. When the president does it, it’s okay, but when I do it all of a sudden people lose their minds.
With all of this desensitization of politics, I have noticed a steady decrease in people’s interest in plain ol’ celebrity news. We are all just becoming desensitized to everything. It is almost as if we as a country all experienced a traumatic event together and are still in a weird period of shock. Almost every day I see celebrities getting arrested (R.I.P. Soulja Boy Spring Weekend 2019) or deported, and I usually just scroll past unless it becomes a good meme. I truly do not think anything will really surprise me ever again. It is like everything that can happen has happened, and it was all so crammed together that we are honestly all a bit confused. If somebody woke up from a ten-year coma tomorrow, I think they would just go right back to sleep. Our only choice at this point is to accept everything that is thrown at us until we can get back to normal. At this point the next president could be convicted of murder, make an eight-minute Logan Paul-style apology video, and be elected. I sure hope not, but I won’t rule anything out.
In summary, we really screwed ourselves over. Anybody can point fingers but at the end of the day we could have kicked this guy out real fast, but we hesitated. We let things get a bit too out of hand, and now how are we, as a country, supposed to draw the line? We’re like parents who think if we let our teenager do drugs they will just eventually learn their lesson and never do it again. Well now our child is an adult meth addict who also broke fifty other laws except he also runs the entire country and influences everybody else’s kids.

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