Bernie Sanders is Running Again and Not Everybody is Feeling It

Feel the Bern 2.0? …. this guy doesn’t want to

by Anonymous

(Artwork by Maddie Rizzo – Instagram

If you want to completely replace U.S. capitalism with an entirely different socialist society with free college, free healthcare, and cut off trade with many foreign countries, you are in luck. As of Tuesday, February 19, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is running for president of the United States in 2020. In order to increase his number of supporters, Bernie had to throw a few low blows at current President Donald Trump, calling him “the most dangerous president in modern American history,” and he didn’t stop there. He went on to describe Trump as a “pathological liar, a fraud, a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe and someone who is undermining American democracy as he leads us in an authoritarian direction.” Being an Independent, he is able to attract the radical liberals to his campaign, which he will need if he doesn’t want a repeat of last election season.

After losing the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, possibly one of the most controversial candidates of the 2016 election, one would think that Bernie would finally give up on his political aspirations. Lo and behold, Bernie has risen from the ashes and revived his political career for one final grasp for the Oval Office with a grassroots campaign. Once again, he seeks the Democratic nomination, but if past events are any indication, Bernie has a tough, bumpy road ahead of him.

Has the man truly convinced himself that he was cheated out of the Democratic nomination in the first place and that is what stopped him from becoming president? Hillary might be portrayed as evil, but I don’t even think she and the Democratic National Committee are capable of orchestrating such a thing. But if Bernie needs to convince himself that he could have won the 2016 election had he been nominated, socialists around the country are happy to hear it. I mean, finally a candidate with an actual agenda that will most definitely get done within the four years he intends to be in office … if he makes it.

Many across the nation have serious concerns if Bernie, at age 77, will be around long enough to make it to November 3, 2020. With eleven Democrats and two Republicans, including Trump, already announcing their candidacies, this election is going to be exceptionally difficult for Sanders to gain enough backing to win the race. Especially considering the average age of those candidates is 56, which makes Bernie quite an outlier. Many voters are also hoping that the office of President will become less white, more female, and younger, and Bernie will not help them achieve any of these goals. Needless to say, citizens are going to have a hard time “Feeling the Bern” all the way to the White House.

In all sincerity, I do wish Bernie a happy and healthy campaign as he embarks on his three quarters life crisis. How many people can say that they ran for president and lost both times? If doing what makes you happy leads to a long life, and Bernie is happiest losing the race for president, then who am I to yuck his yum? Good luck to Bernie and his loyal campaign team who have supported him this long. I have no doubt that they will put up a good fight against the odds. I must add a disclaimer: I, too, considered Trump’s run for president a joke, and look where we are now.

One thought

  1. Did a student actually write this? This lacks any clear political analysis….with what authority do you say that “not everyone’s is feeling it (re:Bernie’s campaign)”? Is the author speaking for themself only?
    The DNC was literally caught sabotaging Bernie’s nomination to bolster Hillary as the candidate. They are absolutely capable of orchestrating such thing.
    The paper is better than this!

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