Why “You” Could Be The Show For You

Just Make Sure You Watch With The Curtains Closed

by Zahir Quader

Features and Lists Editor

Are you a fan of Gossip Girl? Did you ever ask yourself what would it be like if we knew who Dan was as a person and also what if he killed people? If any of these questions have ever come across your mind then You is the show for you!

There are two main people you need to know to understand this show. The first is Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley – the very same man who played Dan Humphrey. Joe can easily be described as the love child of Dan and severe unchecked emotional issues. The second protagonist is Guinevere Beck, portrayed by Elizabeth Lail, whose general lack of awareness and curtains has led to Joe taking an interest in her. As we follow them, we realize Beck has a terrible taste in associates and Joe’s murder box and unchecked emotional issues never got red-flagged as 80 percent of the characters are fully aware its existence.

These two star-crossed lovers will have you saying WTF every five minutes as red flag after red flag is casually brushed aside because if anyone had any common sense the series would be over before the first episode. If you are not screaming at Beck for her poor life choices or wanting to give her a hug and telling her everything is going to be okay, watch as moment after moment you think, “maybe Joe does have redeemable qualities,” only to change your mind right away as he immediately does something creepy five seconds later. Observe as you are terrified by the New York City dating scene as you realize your only options are coked-up hipsters or sweet, down-to-earth guys with homicidal tendencies. Resign emotionally as you realize the only people who might actually be functional in any remote way are Joe’s clueless coworker and that annoying person from your freshman Comp II class who won’t shut up about the year they spent in Paris.

Yet, while this series has many moments that leave you wanting to scream at your computer for an hour, it is a story that you want to follow to the end. With its unique blend of fear and excitement, You leaves the watcher ever-interested, waiting for what happens next. From Beck, you get a New York setting and chic art style, and dramatic reveals giving it that classic XOXO feel. Mixed with Joe’s inner monologue, mystery and instability, this gives the viewer a unique sense of fear and drama that leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Be intrigued as characters are more than what they appear on the surface as twists and turns throughout the series leave you with mixed emotions. Observe as the mystery, murder, lies, and secrets melt together to form a sinister love story that makes you question the people around you. One of the biggest things in this series is the difference between love and obsession. Watch as Joe’s psyche is unwrapped as his obsession escalates from simple social media stalking to far more sinister actions. What Joe believes is love leads down a dark path of obsession, consuming his mind as in his delusions he resorts to deranged and at times horrifying actions in an effort to prove to Beck that he is “The One”.

You is an intriguing, terrifying series about a man consumed by obsession as his misguided quest for love leads him down a very dark path. If viewers are looking for a chilling thriller, an excuse to be single, or something to do on a Saturday night, this series is highly recommended. Just keep one eye open, because someone just might be watching You.

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