Fox News Lets us Down After a Long Streak of Reliable Reporting

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead? Not the case says very much alive RBG

By Kelsey Watt

Staff Conspiracy Theorist

(Artwork by Maddie Rizzo – Instagram

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has toughed it out through major heart surgery, multiple broken ribs, and cancer three times. None of these unfortunate health circumstances that would cripple a lesser person could stop this incredible woman who still works out twice a week with her personal trainer. That’s why when Fox News released on January 21st that RBG had passed away, it took America by complete surprise. What could have happened? Was she shot? Did she have an sudden aneurysm? Was she terminally ill and the public just had no idea? Nope, it was none of these, Fox had just made a major mistake. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still very much alive. Don’t worry though, Fox News quickly corrected and took ownership of their mistake.
During a recent episode of Fox and Friends, an image popped up of RBG, captioned underneath with her name and the years 1933 to 2019, making it appear as if she had recently died. Although Bader Ginsburg is currently in the process of recovery from her recent lung surgery, there was no valid reason to claim that she had passed away. Since the surgery, Ginsburg has been working from home, however she has been getting stronger by the day and will hopefully be back on the court soon. After all the resilience that Bader Ginsburg has shown over the past 85 years, Americans have come to expect that she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Thus the Fox and Friends mistake really shocked its viewers. Just a few hours after the false graphic was aired, the show apologized for insinuating the death of the second woman to hold a spot on the Supreme Court. In the apology that they released, they claimed that airing the image was a mistake, but the question remains: why did they have that image on deck to begin with?
Some people have compared this slip up to the Hawaii missile alert, which if you haven’t heard about, was almost as terrifying as the death of the Notorious RBG. Last year, Hawaii’s Central Authentication System was hacked into, causing an automatic emergency alert system to send out an alert to every person that was in Hawaii, claiming that a missile was headed towards the islands. Hawaiians ran around frantically, with some even having heart attacks upon hearing the false news. Fox News’s claim of Ginsburg’s death was in some ways even more scarring than the Hawaii missile alert.
The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would devastating in itself, but also would throw a wrench into the American justice system, as it would cause a dramatic shift in the Supreme Court’s current ideological balance. Not only would it cause a shift to an even farther right perspective, but we would also be losing one hell of an American inspiration. The loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg would give Trump a third Supreme Court nominee, pushing him up to second in place behind Reagan for most Supreme Court Justice nominees and giving him the ability to fully flip the Court to a right-leaning institution. This flip toward conservatism could mean big changes; specifically in the areas of women’s reproductive rights and the rights of LBGTQ+ Americans. After the controversial addition of Brett Kavanaugh to the court, Bader Ginsburg’s place on the Court has gained even more importance. Kavanaugh has already tipped the Supreme Court towards the right, recently upholding Trump’s ban of transgender individuals participating in the army. Losing Bader Ginsburg, who is the most progressive influence on the Court, would represent a loss of representation for many progressive Americans nationwide.
So what really happened behind the scenes of Fox and Friends that day? Is Fox foreshadowing something coming up? Should we be keeping a close eye on Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the coming future? Has Trump reached a new level of insanity and hired someone to kill her off? Was shutting down the government not enough? Did Kavanaugh try to pull the chair out from under her? Is the Republican party about to take over every single branch of the government? Or is RBG simply immortal and will never stop defending the rights of all Americans? From all of us here at the paper… let’s hope its the last one.

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