The Weight of a Kilogram is Changing

Nothing is forever, even the weight of a kilogram is changing to be more accurate.

by Manas Vani

Staff Science Guy

The central issue of this article is simply put the intersection of philosophy and complex scientific principles. For those of you who aren’t STEM majors the kilogram was first defined in 1729 as the mass or a platinum-iridium rod. There are several of these rods around the world in places such as Washington D.C. and Paris. Companies tend to use these rods in order to maintain consistency in weight measurements. However, scientist have discovered as of late that the weights of the rods have changed over time. The French rod specifically has lost 50 micro grams (that’s about the same weight as a human hair). Though it may seem unimportant it has changed the accuracy.
Why would anyone change a perfectly good definition, especially for so small a change? Well the reason behind this is that we need our numbers to be accurate if we ever want have cool futuristic things we need to have the most perfect understanding of everything possible. One clear example is a kilometer and a meter which is 1/1000 of a meter. The reason that that is precise is because meters and such are calculated in relation to the speed of light which is a fundamental speed in the universe.
How do we do it then? Currently there exists a function that relates the function between the frequency of a photon and the energy of that particle. So E=P * F(frequency of the photon). Many of us also know the famous equation by Einstein which is E=MC2. Using that equation it is possible to say that, mass=PF/C2. In this equation there is only one problem, namely that as of yet we do not know the exact value of F. So the scientists are doing work in DC in order to try to find a precise value of F. The scientist need to get the value of F right because other units too depend on kilogram. Mole is the substance that contains the same number of particles as there are atoms in a gram of carbon 12. Presumably everyone had studied about the Avogadro’s constant (my friend didn’t but I assume most people know it). This will change the exact value of that constant.
Likewise, the ampere will no longer be dependent on the ampere. It will be based on the charge of an electron due to which e=1.602176634 x 10-19. Will this change in definition will change something? Honestly speaking no, the point of the change in definition is not to shake things up. All that changing the current definition in this way would do is go remove the current dependency that we have on objects to universal and mathematical phenomenon. This theoretically can help anyone anywhere to make precise calculations and measurements about objects. Eventually I hope that by changing this we are able to make much more precise measurements because that will facilitate the creation and improvement of technology. I’m not promising anything all I’m saying is that theoretically if it is possible to time travel I’m sure that it would require perfect calculations, which we simply cannot do under the current system for things like the kg. This change brings us one step closer to advancements in technology that we can barely dream of as of now.

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