Review: Glory Sound Prep by Jon Bellion

by Hillary Bosch

Opinions Editor

Jon Bellion released his newest album Glory Sound Prep this past Friday. It’s his first work since he rose to fame in 2016 with the album The Human Condition. His music before 2014 was fine—nothing groundbreaking—but then he released The Human Condition and it was phenomenal. He combines complex beats, electro-pop, and ethereal vocals to his work that make it exciting for any listener. This is easy to see in the song “All Time Low.” It also has cohesive themes throughout the album that reflect on his life and childhood; the album felt like a journey through his psyche.

Glory Sound Prep accomplishes the same thing, but the tone shifts from electronic beats to a more R&B style. The album is beautiful, but not as cohesive. Additionally, his token introspective lyrics were replaced by slightly more mainstream topics. There’s a song about John Travolta that’s oddly catchy?? My favorite song was “Blu” because it sounds like an improved version of his style. Least favorite: “Adult Swim.” Basic summary of my opinion of the album: it’s not the style that pulled in all those fans (including me) in 2016—it’s slower and less exciting, but it is a beautiful composition.

Favorite Track: “Blu”

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