Review: Origins by Imagine Dragons

by Meredith McLaughlin

Arts Editor

Imagine Dragons is definitely a weird band for me, because whenever a single of theirs would come out I never knew if I truly liked their unique blend of pop rock. I always wanted to look more into them, but I never did. Origins was my first dive into trying them out for real, and to be honest I wasn’t super impressed. I think Imagine Dragons had one or two good singles, but in terms of their whole album there’s not much more to show. And not gonna lie, when it gets bad, it gets pretty bad.

Normally whenever I try to tune in to Imagine Dragon’s lyrics, they kinda flow off of me. Radioactive is the sole exception because that song tells a gripping post-nuclear story, but a lot of the time I’m just listening for the intense chorus, rather than because of any meaning the words have. However, in Origins there’s a clear focus on ending a relationship. The songs “Burn Out,” “Bird,” “Bad Liar,” to name a few definitely invoke the image of a man who is just really sad to see his partner go. Unsurprisingly, lead singer Dan Reynolds and his wife divorced during the production of this album. You do feel the underlying emotions of these more mellow songs (excluding Bad Liar) and the tracks that are more lowkey are definitely the heart of the album.

Unfortunately, songs like “Bullet in a Gun” and “Digital” are also on this album. “Bullet in a Gun” has this bizarre chorus that tries to experiment with raising and lowering voice pitches, but it just feels very silly. “Digital” is the song that goes through the minds of “hackers” who wear trench coats and wish they were in the Matrix. The worst part is they start with this nice guitar riff, but then it devolves into the ~technoscape~. Overall, I think Origins could have been better if they focused on channeling their more mellow music, rather than exaggerating their pop rock style.

Favorite Track: “Birds”

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